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Small hostel located in the center of Madrid and within half a block of a metro stop. It's on the 4th floor (5th in American-speak), but there is an elevator ("lift" in Brittish-speak). There is a common area with TV, bar, and kitchen. Male and female dorms are segregated to separate wings of the floor. The bathroom facilities are good and the staff is friendly. Extra €5 "day fee" if you want to stick around after your checkout time.
by David
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer


(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Los Amigos Hostel Madrid" at Calle Arenal 26, 4th floor left door.)


Calle Arenal 26, 4th floor left door, Madrid, Community of Madrid, Spain
40.417705, -3.708307 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+34 915592472
+34 915599745
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No Possibility of Sleep, But a Fun Place
Fun place, great location. I could not get any sleep at all. Room with six other guys, and they came in from their night of partying individually or in groups, at 1 am, 2 am, 3 am, and later. Each time, the lights came on, the en suite bathroom used, teeth brushed, and conversations held. If you can sleep through a nuclear war, this place is for you!
Age 60, USA
Great location, good hostel
Great location on c. Arenal. Right in between Sol and Opera. Great view if you're on the street side, though at night it can get a bit loud, so if you're a bad sleeper, get a room on the inside of the building. The breakfast is pretty good, the beds are good, the people are nice and helpful. One thing that is too bad is that the kitchen closes at a certain hour. But all together a good hostel that I'll definitely come back to!
Age 26, Netherlands
Not all its cracked up to be
I stayed in this hostel two nights and wasn't really impressed; there was a better hostel across town for the same price! The one great point is the location; perfect! However, it wasnt that clean, especially the kitchen! The toilet was leaking when i was there, and there were no locks on the lockers, and the holes for your own padlock were so small i couldnt get my padlock onto it. The other people in the hostel were friendly enough; there was a sangria party one night we were there, and the common room is good for meeting people. The breakfast is so disgusting! I had some warm milk in my cornflakes, so moved onto the bread which was so hard i couldnt eat it! The coffee was awful too!! The main annoyance, however, was this one member of staff on reception, i dont remember his name, but he was so rude it was unbelievable. Really put me off, and i wouldnt go back, for sure.
I'll be back!
Very good hostel -- well located, friendly staff, clean, and safe. What else do you need? We stayed here only 2 nights but we feel like in home. Our bedroom was very clean, we had lockers, and a window -- very useful in the mornings. The showers are very clean and you have a lot of space in your stall to leave your clothes. The bathrooms are separated from the showers. The common areas are also very fine!
Los Amigos Sol is a clean hostel in a great location at a good price. It is a five-minute or less walk from Puerto del Sol, Plaza Mayor, and the Royal Palace. The hostel is easy to get to from the airport (a fifty-minute metro ride that involves two transfers) and is a two-minute walk from a metro stop. It is located on the fourth floor of a building on a basically pedestrian street, one of the main streets in the tourist area. The bedrooms, common areas, and bathrooms (coed) are kept clean by a cleaning crew that comes daily. Sheets and blankets are included in the price, and towels are available to rent. All beds come with a locker and a personal light on the wall. There are several computers with internet you can use for a fee. The hostel offers a big, bright, well-equipped kitchen and a smaller common area with several couches, a TV, and DVDs. Unfortunately, these rooms close at 11 p.m. (which is also when all room lights are automatically turned off), which means that the only place to hang out is in the bedrooms. But since Madrid boasts a great nightlife, most people go out at night and the hostel can be relatively quiet. There is no curfew or lockout, and there's always someone at the front desk. Because it doesn't have that much common space, Los Amigos isn't as much of a hangout spot as other hostels. However there was a nice mix of nationalities among the guests -- not just Anglophones. If you want a well-priced, clean hostel in a good location that's not too loud, this is a great choice!
Renna Khuner-Haber
  I had an amazing experience here because of the people. The common room is arranged to maximize the amount of socializing. As for the facilities themselves: some of the cleanest I've seen. Bedrooms are clean, and cleaned daily. Washrooms are very clean, and the showers are clean and unclogged. Breakfast is bread and coffee. I mean, what can you expect? To be fair, the bread was NOT stale.
Jason from Toronto
  I stayed here for 4 nights at the beginning of July. This place is wicked! Very social hostel, I got along with everyone, and met amazing people here. The common room is ingeniously sets up the sofas in a way that everyone has to socialize. The staff were friendly and chilling. The breakfast was about standard (bread and coffee, but backpackers shouldn't be eating like kings anyway). Overall...WICKED WICKED. And in a good location, only 5 minutes from the Puedo del Sol central square.
Jason from Toronto
  This is definitely the worst hostel I've ever visited. The only redeeming quality is the awesome location. The rooms are cramped, dingy, and smelly, and there's absolutely no security. You could probably even find your way in and sleep in a bed for free. When I woke up it was obvious that this had been achieved by several of the people sleeping two to a bed. The "breakfast" consists of stale bread, mystery jam, powdered coffee, all serve-yourself and then wash your own dishes. The bathrooms are all unisex and dirty. This place sucks. If you want typical American tools, stay here.

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