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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Pegasus Hostel Berlin" at strasse der Pariser Kommune 35.)


strasse der Pariser Kommune 35, Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, Berlin, Berlin State, Germany
52.516000, 13.439931 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+49 (30) 2977 360
+49 (30) 2977 3610
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Staff member with mental problems.
The staff is mostly alright but there is a guy with a dirty hat and scruffy beard called gesy who insults, abuses, and attacks nearly all guests that arrive here. i saw many abused by him. when i protested, i was attacked by him and three guys in the elevator. i tried to call the police but the girl working tried to help me (the staff know there's a problem with gesy but the manager is naive). really terrible hostel and guests always seem to be on danger from this abuser and it's just a mess. avoid.
Age 42, monaco
We stayed at Pegasus Hostel Berlin for two nights and weren't overly thrilled but it isn't a horrible place to stay. You get what you pay for. It's a huge hostel but it doesn't give you that feel. The selling points are the kitchen, the free Wi-Fi, and free walking tour. If you pay with a credit card there is an additional fee. The Location The location is ok -- there really isn't a perfect location in Berlin since it is so big. The directions the hostel gives you when you book are accurate, but it takes longer than they say (it's at least a fifteen-minute walk from the train station). It's right across from a grocery store, which is convenient, because otherwise you have to pay for breakfast. It's also a five-minute walk from the U-bahn and a fifteen-minute walk from the S-bahn -- those two can get you anywhere in town. The longest part that is left of the Berlin wall is only a fifteen-minute walk from the hostel, which is great as well. There are lots of places to eat nearby. Rooms and Bathrooms The rooms are very spacious, so everyone's bags aren't on top of each other. The rooms can get quite warm at night if it is a hot day. The beds are pretty comfortable. There are lockers but you don't get the key to them, so there's really no point in having them in the rooms. We're not sure if there are bedbugs, but every morning we woke up with a few more bites than the day before. The bathrooms are decent and also spacious. You have extra room in the shower area to change, which is always good. The only bad thing is that there is only one shower room (three or four showers) per floor, so sometimes you have to wait -- and it's the same with the toilets, but there's never usually a long wait for them. Common Spaces There is lots of common space, inside and out. There are definitely opportunities to meet lots of new people. There are computers to use for free and free Wi-Fi. The kitchen isn't the biggest thing, but you can cook any meal there -- it's a full-sized kitchen with everything needed to cook. But just make sure to label and tie your bags that you keep in the fridge, because people definitely steal food. They will charge you to use the laundry, but the machines are huge, so usually only one load is needed. Summary For the price, it's fine. They do offer a free walking tour, which has to be the best of all the tours we've done. The staff are quite friendly and helpful.
Janell Jones
(United States)
All i can say is run and stay away from this place! It is in BFE and is more like a cheap hotel than a hostel. They have horrible restaurants downstairs that offer budget food that is really just poorly made pizza and you can send a postcard back home faster than you can log on to your facebook using their internet. Not to mention our roommate was a fifty-year-old brazillian who insisted on walking around in his banana hammock and snoring like a freight train. There are much better places to stay in Berlin, trust me!
Good but could have been better
Had it not been for the situation with the bedbugs in the hostel, this place would likely have gotten a solid four stars from me. The problem is, the first night I was there, I had two bedbugs crawl across the book I was reading, but thought nothing of it. The next night, I awoke in the mid-early morning again, and found a whole heap in my bed. I went down to report this to the people on duty, who promised they would make a note of my complaint, and sent me off upstairs with clean sheets. Later that night, I killed a fully grown adult in my bed, and took it downstairs to prove that I wasn't imagining things, there really were bedbugs in my bed. The guy on duty looked at it and asked me in a slightly rude tone what I expected him to do with this bug, to which I replied, nothing, I just wanted you to know that I wasn't making this up. Next morning, I go down to follow up, and there is a sense that my complaint hasn't been noted. I make it again, and get asked repeatedly if I'm sure, and if I have any bites. I reply that I do not, but that my sheets are filled with blood stains from dead bugs. They then inform me they've never had a problem with my particular room. I go to the trash and manage to find the adult I'd killed earlier that morning, and show it to the staff member dealing with me. She swears, calls her supervisor. But they do nothing. They promise me they will change the mattress, but I don't think this happened. That night, the same story -- tons and tons of bugs, to the point where I don't sleep because they're crawling all over me and on my pillow. Made my complaints known again, this time they apparently inspected the room and moved us to the other side of the room. They continue to tell me that they've received no complaints about bugs in this room, and I tried to point out that I probably would never have known had they not woken me up by crawling on me. They also gave me tokens to wash my clothes. The next night, the bugs have followed me across the room. They come by again, and tell me that they've never had this problem, they can't move us because we'll spread the bugs, and basically accuse me of having brought them (um, no, after a week of being in Europe with no bites, how do I suddenly start getting bedbugs?). They ask me to wash my clothes, so we begin to do this. The man who came up said repeatedly that they'd checked everything and found no bugs -- all I could do at this point was reiterate that I had been killing them. I even pointed out a dead bug on the sheets of the girls in the next bunk, in whose bed I had seen several bugs crawling the night before, and had in fact killed some as they slept to prevent them from crawling to me. I showed him dead bugs that were intact at the foot of my bed, as well as the two I'd smashed on the wall, but he said they needed to see live ones. Then they show up with an exterminator, and luckily I found a live one crawling on my bed a few minutes later. That's when things kicked into high gear. They moved us out of our room and into a new one on the third floor, and were fumigating our old room. They gave me insect spray, as many laundry tokens as I needed to do all my and my brothers clothes, and told us that breakfast would be on them from there on out (we never took advantage of this, but just as a note, it is not free, it's 5.90 euros). So here I am, days later, covered in over a hundred bedbug bites because I had a delayed reaction to their poison. I understand where they were coming from, but if they had taken me seriously the first night I made my complaint and proved to them that there were bugs in the room, I feel like I would have been far less affected. Once they recognized the extent of the problem, they were really helpful, but it cost me three nights of sleep and a lot of stress and discomfort. Other than the bedbug incident, this is a nice enough hostel. Free internet, a kitchen, a cheap and tasty pasta/pizza place attached, and just down the street from the metro, which connects to the reasonably central Alexanderplatz. One non-related to bedbugs complaint is that people were very unfriendly -- nobody made the slightest effort to get to know us/talk/respond to greetings. Many seemed to be in groups. Would I stay here again? Maybe.
Good hostel!
I stayed here with my friends at the fifa world cup 2006. It is free from unpleasant surprises and it is walking distance to two big subway stations, friendly staff. They also have a yard with barbecue. I do recommend it!
  I stayed here about 5 years ago and thought it was a great hostel. I booked over the phone which was easy and the staff spoke excellent English. The room was clean and the communual showers were too and had plenty of hot water. The staff were friendly and helpful. It wasn't a party hostel, which suited me as it was quiet. I recommend it.
  I arrived in Berlin by train at Ostbahnhof with no reservations for anything. So I was happy to be able to check-in at the Pegasus just half an hour later. (It's very close to Ostbahnhof.) It's an ok hostel, clean and organized. Still, I decided to move to another as soon as possible, mainly because of the large scale of Pegasus, and the huge number of youngsters/adolescents in the hostel. (I'm 29 years old.) Apart from all that, Pegasus is just quite fine. The staff are very nice and friendly, and at the 24-hour reception you can buy beer 24 hours a day. Just make sure you don't make too much noise in the courtyard at night.
  I was there last summer, and it's really a good place to stay. It has friendly staff, tidy rooms, a nice restaurant and open-air garden/terrace. It's close to the public transportation system. The downside is it's not really close to the traditional party places, but if you want to avoid crowded tourist areas and meet real Berliners, it's the place to be! Recommended.
Xavier Belgium

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