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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Sampa Hostel" at Rua Girassol 519.)


Rua Girassol 519, Vila Madalena, São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
-23.554456, -46.689988 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+55 11 3031-6779
+55 11 30316779
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  The Location Sampa hostel is located centrally in Vila Madalena next to the excellent but expensive Saj Restaurant and near the Vila Madalena metro station. Rooms and Bathrooms The rooms are typical bunkbed rooms with large ventilators and unfortunately a lot of mosquitos as well. They have lockers that will fit a small backpack. They can open them if you accidently lose the key. They also rent out locks for a refundable deposit fee. There is one inside bathroom and two outside. The bathrooms are well done and clean. Common Spaces There is a kind of open area / common space with some tables and a couch where free breakfast is served every day. There is also a separate kitchen area where you can cook food and a "sun deck" a little bit away from everything which allows you to catch some extra rays. Beer and drinks are sold from the reception. During the weekend the entire common space is highjacked by a kind of "fair" where things are sold. This is kind of annoying because this leaves you basically unable to use the common space for an entire day. The staff is friendly. Summary This is a hostel that lacks vibe. There is no real effort made to create one either. It's not a bad hostel but it has nothing that makes it attractive.
Sampa Hostel is a Hostelling International hostel based in the Vila Madalena area of Sao Paulo, offering all the standard amenities (hot water, clean bathrooms, Wi-Fi, television, kitchen) that you would expect from a hostel while also being located in one of the most burgeoning areas of the largest city in South America. The Location Vila Madalena is often described as the 'Soho' of Sao Paulo. It is not hard to understand why. The area offers a plethora of boutique shops, bars, restaurants, and cafes while also ticking all the boxes for organic options, secondhand wares, and exclusivity. The hostel itself is not too far from Vila Madalena subway, which is the easiest way to reach the hostel, except for a taxi obviously. However, it is such a safe and pleasant area to walk through that taking a taxi need not be an option. The roads have names such as Sunflower, Harmony, and Wizard, and although it can be hilly in places, you never know when you might come across that specialist bookstore or seventies retro store you didn't even know you were looking for! Rooms and Bathrooms There are plenty of dorms here. They are very tightly packed and can sometimes be very claustrophobic. Unfortunately, some of the beds can also be very noisy (lots of late-night creaking) and this could be a problem when looking to enjoy a good night's sleep. The bathrooms are separate from the rooms but are exceptionally clean and have plenty of space. Common Spaces There are a number of common area including plenty of spaces you can find in need of some private time. In addition to the communal kitchen there is a covered outdoor area packed with tables and chairs (perfect for meeting new people as well as dining al fresco), a lounge area below the building with a TV and plenty of movies, and plenty of spaces in between with seats and hammocks. Summary This is a more than competent hostel. It lacks anything to make it stand out, but it is clean, has plenty of amenities, opportunities to meet new people, and is an extremely comfortable place to stay.
Russell Slater
Very nice, great staff, in a good location.

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