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The Review

Barranco's Backpackers Inn is a small, homey hostel located in the historic and bohemian district of Barranco.

The Location

In contrast with the vast majority of Lima's hostels that are centred in the vibrant and touristy Miraflores district, Barranco Backpackers, as the name suggests, is located in Barranco, a ten-minute bus ride from the tourist hotspot. This district is developing a reputation for being the trendy area of the city, hosting the best alternative nightlife in Lima. The district is also in rich in architecture, and the location of the summer houses for Lima's elite in days gone by. Basing yourself here allow you to see a different side of the city, but excellent public transport links will connect you to both Miraflores and the centre of Lima.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The rooms are adequate if slightly basic. The four bed dorm features one bunk bed and two single beds. This could easily have been turned into a six-bed dorm by using three bunk beds, but it is good that the owners have resisted the temptation, as this would have undoubtedly have led to a feeling of congestion. As it is, the rooms feel full without being too crowded. At the side are metal lockers that are suitable for securing your daybag. The wooden beds are reasonable and not too noisy; the mattresses are a little sunken but quite comfortable.

The dorm comes with an en-suite toilet and shower. The showers deliver hot water and are easily adjustable.

Common Spaces

The communal areas are very limited. The reception area doubles up as a seating area with a few couches circled around a table. The free breakfast is served daily in the TV room and comprises of bread, jam, coffee, and a banana. The TV room itself is very simple, with the television in the corner and various tables and chairs dotted around the room. The staff are happy to help you book tours of other cities in the country or buy bus tickets on your behalf for a small commission.


Most backpackers come to Lima and spend only a day or two in Miraflores without venturing further afield. Barranco is a beautiful part of the city and is not to be missed. Barranco Backpackers Inn, only one block away from the main square of Barranco, is ideally situated to allow you to explore this area, surrounded by good nightlife and excellent eating options. While the hostel is small and a little dated, the owners are friendly and are happy to help with any questions you may have about the city.
by Elgrumpygringo Staff Reviewer
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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Barranco's Backpackers Inn" at Malecon Castilla 260.)


Malecon Castilla 260, Barranco, Lima, Peru
-12.029872, -77.009266 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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+511 2471326
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87% Guest Reviews

Nothing special
The quartier makes it, the hostel is average. The lady who worked there the day we came said exactly one word to us while checking in and showing the room. Room was ok, the exchange rate for paying in soles not.
Age 30, Germany
Chris is a good host
Chris is a good host, location on Barranco good, quality of room average.
Age 31
Caring staff, good location
Staff consulted me on health problems and recommened a excellent medic. ocean view. beautiful barranco. wifi. lockers. keyboard of public computer has passed his best years, and hostel is sometimes loud because of close location to center of barranco.
Age 26, German
Mostly ok
This place was a few blocks from the beach access walkway, which was great because there are not many pedestrian paths that cross over the highway to get to the beach in this area. The room was basic and clean, but the windows didn't operate and one glass pane was broken out which was a little sketchy considering the neighborhood. Staff was friendly enough, helped us hail cabs, but wouldn't let us check in 30 minutes early when we arrived at 12:30 instead of 1. Price was good and they were helpful getting us picked up from the airport. Breakfast and kitchen were small but good enough for basic stuff. This is a quiet place, not a party-hostel.
Age 34
Great location
Barranco's has a charming interior with lots of wood. It's only one block from Barranco's town center, which is convenient when you're exhausted from hiking. Very close to the water, overlooking beautiful cliffs, but you'll have to walk down an enormous hill to get to the beach. The beach is not very sandy, so was a disappointment compared to California, Hawaii, and Brazil. You can walk along the nice bridge at the beach north into Miraflores. The Miraflores and Barranco beach areas are very active for people-watching. The owner is very helpful planning trips, and the lady/daughter who work at the hostel are very friendly and laid-back. Comfortable beds. Breakfast is included in the mornings. I met some wonderful people from Australia and Brazil at Barranco's. More women than men tend to stay at more expensive hostels like Barranco's (US $10).
Mitchell Tsai
(United States)
Clean and Comfortable with Helpful Staff
The beds are good, the bathrooms have consistent hot water, and the breakfast is adequate (the kitchen is open if you wanted to cook for yourself). The surrounding neighbourhood is quite scenic and the owner Chris is laid back and a good source of info about the country.
  We've been traveling through South America for a couple of months now and this is the best hostel we stayed in. The clifftop location is amazing; our room was bright, airy, and clean with a beautiful view; and Chris, the owner (a fellow Brit -- yay!), went out of his way to make us feel at home and help us plan our next move. We weren't overly excited about visiting Lima and only intended to stay for one night then get the hell out. We ending up staying for three days! For some reason, the guide books suggest backpackers should stay in Miraflores but, from our experience, Barranco is a far nicer area. Tons of nice bars and restaurants, without the hassle of being in the centre. Honestly can't recommend this place highly enough.
Louise and Peter, London, UK
  We had a great time at this hostel and were pleasantly surprised by the beauty and the spectacular views after a long flight. It's tucked into a quiet little corner of Barranco with a view to the ocean. Barranco is a cute area of Lima with a market, nice walks near the beach area, and discos. The owner was friendly and helpful, fluent in English, and helped us with questions we had about domestic flights, getting around, places to visit. The decor of the hostel is beautiful and bright, and it's very clean and safe. Easy access to internet (free!). Nice breakfast too. They were great at picking us up from the airport (on time, friendly), and taxi service seems to be connected with the hostel, so it's reliable. We liked it so much we decided to return on our way back!
Adele and Kirsten from Canada

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