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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Hostel Inn Iguazu" at Ruta 12 Km 5.)


Ruta 12 Km 5, Puerto Iguazú (Puerto Iguazu), Misiones, Argentina
-25.623326, -54.550316 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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All over a good location to stay for a while
a bit far from town. Food and drinks are little expensive!
Age 65, aleman
Excellent -- staff are friendly and excellent facilities.
Highly recommend to anyone. It has been renovated and the rooms are in excellent condition. Staff are friendly and always willing to provide recommendations. Tourist desk area is great -- there is always someone working there late to book your activities. Pool is big and most refreshing and bar is well equipped. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay and would certainly go back. Excellent music throughout the night for the late nighters.
Travellors from downunder, Australia
Hostel Inn Iguazu is a large HI hostel situated some five kilometers out of town. A local bus drops you off outside the hostel, though the driver will not tell you where to get off -- so watch out for the banners outside the hostel. The hostel lacks charm somewhat because it is so big -- the biggest in South America. The kitchen is somewhat poor, with very few utensils, even though it supports two cookers and three fridges. The lounge area is huge. It seems to confuse living space somewhat, with internet, meeting point, reception, and dining area all rolled into one. It is all a smoking zone and it is also all a wi-fi zone -- great for those with laptops but not so great for those that don't want to passive smoke. The dorms are dark and have a musty smell. The lockers have seen better days. The outside dorms, however, do support a clean bathroom and a kitchen sink. The tourist information point is keen to sell you the HI package tours, but it may be better to jump on public transport -- you will save yourself lots of money. The hostel boasts a party atmosphere with lots going on, so it is very popular with the young crowd. There is a pool table, ping-pong, and a great swimming pool (located at the front, next to the main road). The buffet breakfast is good with a selection of cereals, fruit, and breads, along with tea, coffee, and juice. A great choice if you want somewhere to dump your bags to go to the falls. If you want somewhere a little more authentic, pick somewhere in town. Iguazu puts Niagara Falls to shame.
Helen Pickford
  it is the nicest hostel i have ever stayed at. iguazu is a beautiful city with rich, red, fertile ground and hot humid microclimate. if you are really on a budget then i could understand that you wouldn't want to have to take a taxi elsewhere to eat less expensive food. but a taxi is like five bucks american into the city, and i think that is affordable. overall, it is a beautiful hostel with super friendly staff, great people, beautiful grounds, and good (if not particularly cheap) food.
  The staff are definitely nice and speak decent English. The pool is cool in both senses of the word. But it is out of the city, which is lame cause it's a drag to get food that isn't highway robbery prices (the hostel's food is a ripoff). And the fact that it is closer to the falls is irrelevant when you get here, because the bus from the city doesn't take much longer. And worse -- let me put it this way, you'll love it if you like the smell of mildew. But on the other hand if you pay for three days the fourth is free, so at least you'll get your money's worth on one of the nights.
Monkey Wife
  Almost everything - but not quite - is perfect with this hostel. It's expensive compared to what you can find in the centre of town, almost double as much. You will need to take a taxi or bus to get there. Because of the distance from the centre of town you will have to pay the slightly expensive prices for dinners. If you can cope with these disadvantages, this is the perfect hostel in which to recharge after the hellishly long bus journey you probably had to make to get to Puerto Iguazu. The rooms, beds, and large common room are in excellent condition. There is an alluring swimming pool which you probably will find yourself in every day, washing off the dust after your visits to the Iguazu waterfalls. Book exchange, free internet, a pool table that has seen better days, and a ping-pong table in a sometimes lit room offer plenty to do in the evenings. Breakfast is acceptable. The outside bar tends to be quite social. Getting there is a small problem. From the bus terminal pay any taxi driver the standard price of 8 pesos - you can find this listed on a board at the terminal, which the taxi drivers will happily show you. For the more adventurous or penny-pinching, take the half-hourly yellow bus in the direction of the waterfalls ("cataratas"), watch carefully out of the left-hand window for a big billboard on the highway saying "Hostel Inn", then yell madly for the bus driver to stop.
Steve McLeod
  Outstanding place. It has a superb pool, and a cool atmosphere.
Kevin, U.K.
  Nice pool! Shame it's so far from the town.

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