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Frankfurt Hostel is a great option for brief stays in Frankfurt. The dorm rooms provide a good amount of space and often have en suite bathrooms.

The Location

The hostel is very ideally located for exploring Frankfurt. It's located in the Central Station neighborhood of Frankfurt, so there's plenty to explore in the sixteen blocks immediately surrounding the hostel without venturing into the heart of Frankfurt. The "red light district" is around two streets over, and is worth checking out briefly in the day time.

It is very easy to find the hostel. It is straight east out of the main exit of the Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof, about half a block. It's really great if you're arriving late and you want to minimize walking time! The hostel is very visible, with lots of signs to make it easy to locate. The hostel is also steps away from a subway stop and a tram stop.

The hostel is in a lovely historic building and looks very charming from the outside. It is on a street with plenty of restaurants and shops. Restaurants and small grocery stores are even more abundant on Munchenstrasse, which is just one block over.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The rooms are quite basic, with lockers for hire. Beds are pretty comfy as far as hostels go! Rooms are locked with a card keys, which make things quite secure. However, the front door remains open throughout the day, making the room door the only thing separating beds from the outside. Early in the morning/late at night, you need to buzz into the building.

The bathroom is clean, however the shower creates a bit of a puddle. It's nothing major, though. There is good water pressure in the showers and lots of hot water to go around as well as plenty of hooks to hang towels and place to change.

Common Spaces

The main common space/reception area has several tables and chairs, but it is not very conducive to mingling with other groups. There is lots to drink from the cafe in the reception area, from espresso drinks to beer and wine. The kitchen is very basic but has all that is needed to make a quick meal. The guest fridge is on the small side. The free breakfast is quite basic -- toast with jams/nutella, cheese, meat, cereal, yogurt, juices, and coffee. It's enough to get your day started!

A secure luggage storage room is available to store bags if you arrive early and want to explore before check-in time. Staff are very friendly and quick to get travelers through the check-in process.


Overall, the Frankfurt Hostel is a great choice when traveling in Frankfurt. Exciting things are going on in the area immediately surrounding the hostel and it's a maximum of a twenty-minute walk to anything else you might want to do in Frankfurt!
by Morgan Staff Reviewer
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Kaiserstrasse 74, Frankfurt (Frankfurt am Main), Hesse, Germany
50.107860, 8.665420 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+49 (69) 24 75 13 0
+49 (69) 24 75 13 11
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83% Guest Reviews

Free Food is Awesome
They have a free pasta dinner every night. I think that any type of free food is awesome. The bar is a nice and big and cheap! The bar is very welcoming for people to hang out and have a drink. They have plugs everywhere so you can charge your electronics. The location of the hostel is the best part because it is literally across the street from the main train station. It is super convenient! They have a free alternative walking tour that was super strange that took you to the shady parts of town. I do not recommend the walking tour.
Age 25, USA
It was quite good.
Age 20, Russia
Good but not great
So close to the train station that I wasn't even looking for it yet when I reached it. As for the peep show shows, I just didn't see any. The free pasta thing is nice. When I was there, it was served with tomato sauce. I don't know if it's the same every day. I guess it would be better if they had served the pasta and sauce separately for those who don't like it. There is really not enough plug sockets in the room for everyone, I think this is why I lost my battery charger there. When I sent them an e mail about that, they asked for the room number and then never wrote again, even to tell me they didn't find it.
Age 36, French
Everyone was so nice and helpful, it was clean and a fantastic atmosphere!
Age 24, Canada
Very convenient place to stay
Everything at this hostel was good. The location is less than a block away from the main train station, and everything is very clean. They offer free dinner (pasta) and breakfast every day, the drinks at the bar are cheap, and the staff is very friendly. The only cons would be very poor WiFi in the rooms, though you can access it easily from the common areas, and the 2E fee for use of lockers in the room. Besides that, I would definitely stay there when I go back to Frankfurt!
Age 26, USA
Great place
It's cheap and clean and next to the main train station(which has great food), and the very scenic river and park (walking/jogging/biking trail, benches) close to the old town(the Roemer). They feed you a big, free breakfast. Some are really picky and get all obsessive about the red-light district next door. I've stayed there twice for several days at a time, and nobody bothers you. I walked by, but not into, the red-light district all the time, day and night, and no one ever bothered me. There are lots of local business people and travelers using the sidewalks in that area. There were no pimps or prostitutes hanging out or druggies anything like that. You have to wander into the red-light district (if you are interested), it does not wander out to you. A few beggars at the main train station, but they didn't come up to you and bother you. They stood/sat there quietly.
Age 54, USA
Some old facilities
great space in the living room, which is reception, bar and cafe at the same time and where you have an excellent breakfast, but the rooms and the bathroom were not so good.
Age 25, spain
  I realized that, while it IS surrounded by sex shops, and the street around it is full of your typical "big city scum bags", this is just part of what Frankfurt is about. The hostel is RIGHT close to the train station, the staff is AWESOME and friendly, you get FREE pasta dinner every night, and a SWEET free breakfast every morning. The key cards were strange to me at first, but once I figured them out, it was a piece of cake! I thoroughly enjoyed this hostel, and it was CHEAP! The room was nice (a bit older, but still luxury when compared to some of the dorm room hostels!) and I feel I got a REALLY good deal on the whole thing! I never felt unsafe, and never felt out of place. I would recommend this to anyone! Ignore those overly-outdated old posts! This place is great!

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