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Tomato Kyoto Guesthouse


Tomato Kyoto Guesthouseの他サイトでの評価
1   Old, dirty, careless. Better avoid it! Very old guest house. You get to hear absolutely everything. Unclean. I found a mop of body hairs (not mine) in my bed the very same day I checked in. I was bitten by bugs all night. Careless staff. No explanations about how to make a Japanese-style bed or how to use the kitchen appliances or heaters (it's all written in Japanese). They also did have a big party almost all night at the reception desk (WTF?). I would have spent a better night on a platform in the station.  , US ()
1   Never ever! Dirty, noisy, and terrible staff I booked at Tomato because of its good location and lack of curfew but I regretted it as soon as I stepped in. I spent six nights in the dorm room and could barely sleep. The walls seem to shake every time someone walks down the hallway and the absence of insulation let you hear everything going on the guest house (on Saturday nights you can hear people going in and out all night). In one week, they never cleaned the dorm room once nor changed the bedsheets. And, they give you only one bed sheet and a pillow cover so it means that you have to sleep in futon cover in which people have slept before you. The most incredible thing is that the staff (a bunch of careless students) had a very loud party on Saturday night until 2 a.m. And they were smoking (which is strictly prohibited to the guests). So, if even the staff doesn't care, what more can I say? This is the worst guest house I've stayed at in Japan. I won't recommend it to anyone. Don't waste your money in there. Even for so cheap (2200 yen), you can find better places to stay in the city.  , Japan ()
1   Poor place, greedy, and rude attitude; unsatisfactory facilities We have stayed for two short periods in this hostel -- once for three days, and then two weeks later for two more days. There is nothing in the building beyond futons in the room -- I could not find even one table to sit down and eat or write in the whole place! There is no common room, neither a place to sit down and eat if you need to. When I have asked for a table, I was answered -- "this is not a five star hotel!" -- I thought this was very rude. On top of that -- they charge 6400yen for the room per night, which is far too far overpriced for what you get there, and the rude owner/service person was chasing me since the moment I walked in for a pay. Better avoid this place -- there are so many better places in Kyoto to put your money on.  , Israel ()
2  I guess it wasn't that bad. The period 1950s decor (complete with genuinely dirty walls, tatami mats, and kitchen) combined with the wide open window in the shower room that conveniently opened out onto the street (perfect if you are that budding hentai intent on showing the neighbors your "goods" so to speak) as well as being set in a period abandoned apartment block (giving that blade runner feel) definitely add to its "charm." However if you are a person with any kind of reasonable standards who wishes to get the most out of their 2,500 odd yen a night then I would probabbly advise you to go elsewhere. However if you really are enthusiastic about emulating 1950s Mombasa in Kenya then please, by all means, be my guest.  ()
4  The location of this hostel cannot be beat. It is blocks away from Kizomizu temple, Pontocho street, the river, and Gion. The staff is very friendly. I liked the free internet and the bicycle rentals (500 yen/day!). Kyoto is great for biking, so this made a big difference for me. I stayed in one of the four person female dormitories, which was fine -- there is air conditioning, but the bathroom is not clean and there were some bugs (spiders and a cockroach). The shower is across the street but otherwise okay. The place is a very good deal for the cheap price, I think, as long as you are not too picky about how clean the bathroom is.  ()

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