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日本 ホステル


I love 日光市. I have been there twice to visit my wife's family. Nikko is beautiful and the Toshogu Shrines are amazing. Definitely take the drive up to Lake Chuzenji. Any visit to Japan should include a trip to Nikko.
東京 is fantastic! And not as expensive as everyone says it is if you do it on a budget. You can get cheap food everywhere. It would help a lot if you familiarise yourself with as much Japaneese food as you can before you go there so you know what things are and you don't have to ask too much if you don't speak Japaneese.
I work here! It's beautiful! Come experience 日光市!!!
東京 … It is an interesting and attractive place.
東京 … We recommend to buy the two-day Metro Pass upon arrival at the airport, which is only 1,000 Yen. In the city you can only buy a one-day pass at 700 Yen. Try to book everything in advance, as hostels here are not used to backpackers just turning up and asking for a room. This will be cheaper too, as reservations for budget rooms go first. Prices range around 7,000 Yen for two people in a small room (everything is Bonsai in Japan). We probably spent about the same as whilst traveling in Australia -- no more! And yes, Japan is one of the most exciting countries we have ever seen.
日光市 … It's so amazing. I loved it.