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ヨルダン・ハシミテ王国 ホステル



アンマン downtown is nice. For a tour to the Dead Sea we paid 10 jordan dinnar each, 3 people in a car. And we took a tour via the King's Highway for 15 j.d. each. It's so beautiful.
アンマン is nice and clean and the most safe city in the Middle East countries. Rrom Amman you can visit Jerash, Ajlun, Dead Sea -- the lowest spot in the earth -- Petra, Madaba, Mt. Nebo.
Petra is very nice city. People were friendly.
The trip can get very expensive if you want to come for just one day. For Petra the entrance fee was around 30 JD if you stay in Jordan (they check your date of entrance in the passport) -- if you arrived the same day the entrance fee will be three times more expensive! They have increased the fees lately -- next year it will be even more. There are no students discount anymore.
アンマン is mostly nice but Almasarway is very dangerous.
アンマン … Jordan is a beautiful country and all of the Jordanians we met were very nice and helpful.