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ボリビア共和国 ホステル



A beautiful place by the "sea!" Nice people, an enchanting island (Isla del Sol! Amazing!), Cerro del Calvario (at four thousand meters with an unbelievable view), home to Virgen de Copacabana church, Incan ruins. I would definitely recommend it as a place to go!
サンタクルス … Do not use Ruta Verde for expeditions. They charge four times what hotels would charge.
サンタクルス … I cannot keep Samaipata out of my mind. It's a unique, very spiritual place, and I will return there one day, maybe to live. I was down assisting my daughter with some scientific work she was doing in the desert near Pampagrande; we took a long "take a shower and eat good food" weekend. A very special place.
サンタクルス … Samaipata is underestimated, with such a variety of landscapes and a great climate. We're German and were impressed by the local services, an amazing place to stay, and quite some good restaurants like Latina Café and La Chakana, as well as local stuff. We loved hiking in Amboró park and above Cuevas waterfalls. Other areas like the jungle and sandstone mountains were not accessible due to heavy rains.
サンタクルス … It's a wonderful place with such a spiritual feel. I also will return one day.
サンタクルス … Santa Cruz is a great city!