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ホンジュラス共和国 ホステル



ラ・セイバ doesn't have much going for it -- if you're on your way to or from Copan you will be much better off staying in Santa Ana, about forty-five minutes West of La Ceiba. It's got hiking trails, waterfalls, nice people, cool fruit trees, and good food. In the city of La Ceiba there's almost nothing, though a fair number of musty hotels and a couple semi-nice ones -- all more expensive though. The city is noisy, with a lot of air pollution, but is very definitely a Honduran city (not touristy at all).
サン・ペドロ・スーラ … Beautiful friendly place. Smiing faces. Beautiful mountains.
テグシガルパ … About taxis -- airport taxis prices are set, but any others can be negotiated ahead of time. There are no taxi meters!
テグシガルパ … Careful with the taxi fares -- they will try to charge way too much over what is really worth.