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ペルー共和国 ホステル



Pisco is a nice town, close to several tourist attractions worth seeing.
From プエルトマルドナド you can get into the real jungle, and if you search a little, you will find options for camping in the jungle, or even have an expedition to look for big animals. You can find very good local guides.
There are almost no mosquitoes in ピウラ! You can walk the streets safely until midnight every night. The streets are narrow, and mototaxis ply the streets.
アレキパ is a beautiful city, but we had problems getting to our hostel, because the taxidrivers only offer to -- actually they forcefully take you to hostels where they get comission for every gringo they bring.
フリアカ was great. The people there are very kind, and make you feel at home. About the weather - a bit too cold sometimes but the sun was shining most of the time. I am looking forward to going back.
リマ … I've been travelling around South America and Peru as well. Amazing, but there are many poor people too but happy and friendly for sure.
クスコ … Get out of the plaza area for much cheaper food and drink and without hoards of backpackers.
Huarmey … This is an amazing place and very far off the normal beaten tourist track. Wonderful beaches, people, food, and climate, well worth a visit, lots to do and see in the area that isn't in the books.