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フィリピン共和国 ホステル


Palawan is one of the most beautiful islands in the Philippines. I've been to LOTS, and this is the one! There are so many different places to see on this island it's maddening. The Philippines is the NGO capital of the world, just to further build up Palawan's reputation, these NGOs do a good job on trying to keep nature intact, and help the locals with tourism. There are sooooo many cheap places to stay, as low as 200 pesos (4 US dollars) a night. For restaurants, eat at Ka'luis because they have the food, price, and ambiance down to a 't'. Then there's the Vietnamese vegetarian place (holy cheap & good), various chicken barbeque spots and of course, the restaurants that cater to foreigners. Come visit the Philippines, especially Palawan. You will not regret it!
マニラ gets a bum rap from a lot of travelers but I have found it to be a great place. Music bars and cafes are open 'till morning in the Malate/Ermita area.
Puerto Galera is a nice place, it's paradise.
ディポログ … Very good and safe.
ドゥマゲテ … Dumaguette is an organized, inexpensive college town on Negros Island. This city is a great base from which to explore the Visayas.
Boracay Island … I have been in several beaches around the world. For me, Boracay is the best island paradise -- you will always want to come back, and indeed I always see to it that I come here once a year. Boracay doesn't only have the finest sand, but it also has lively bars at night. You can also have a cheap, one-hour, full-body massage anytime from 8 a.m. to midnight. Island hopping, snorkeling, and diving are a must when you visit Boracay and truly you will be a amazed of its underwater beauty splendor! Enjoy feeding different colors of fishes! If you love water sports, Boracay is the place!
Siquijor … I've been staying there for almost three months on vacation and it feels good to stay -- no pollution, fresh green trees, a beautiful sun, touch of blue moon. I love the beaches. People there are very friendly.
Banaue … There are amazing rice terraces! Take a trip in the mountains and you won't regret it!
Camiguin … The island was good but the communication so bad, no internet service.
Angeles City … Angeles is the biggest go-go district in the Philippines. It is not a common destination for twenty-somethings.