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North Rhine-Westphalia ホステル

North Rhine-Westphalia

North Rhine-Westphaliaに関するコメント

Fly really cheap to anywhere in Europe with Germanwings from the ケルン-bonn airport!
If you fly to Frankfurt, you can do a cruise from there along the rhine river almost the whole way to ケルン. From Frankfurt airport, catch the train to Mainz, then walk to the Marina, get on the Koln-Dusseldorfer Ferry and enjoy four hours cruising the river with castles, cathedrals and baroque villages along the river bed. Jump off at Boppard, then catch the train to Cologne. Can all be done in about 6 hours.
デュッセルドルフ … I have been to Dusseldorf many times since 1959 and it really is a great place.
デュッセルドルフ … The oldtown part of Dusseldorf rocks.
I visited Blankenheim from 1976 to 1985. I loved the people culture and city. I would love to return to see frends like HUBERTA MULLER - larryarnette@yahoo.com.
デュッセルドルフ … Dusseldorf is the best city in the entire world!