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Baden-Wuerttemberg ホステル



ハイルブロン is a nice, medium- to small-size city with a little bit of everything to do. I've never stayed in a hotel there but it's a nice town/city. Summertime offers nice festivals and the wintertime offers the beautiful WeihnachtMarkt! Enjoy it!
One interesting thing about Singen is that it is home to that sauce that many Germans put on everything known as Maggi. Everywhere you are reminded of Maggi.
バーデン=バーデン is fun to explore especially with all of the staired ally ways that lead into seemingly secret courtyards with foutains. Bring a good pair of shoes because the town is very hilly.
カールスルーエ is a great midsized people, about 250,000 people live there. You can find a huge palace and many cultural things to do. Nightlife is ok, too. And Karlsruhe is one of the warmest cities in Germany very close to the Rhine River, the Black Forest and the French Border (all within 30 minutes).
コンスタンツ is amazing. I love this place! I want to come back.
フライブルク is a really interesting place, with its liberal and evironmentally friendly attitude combined with interesting inner city. It reminded me of San Francisco, except smaller and much less gay. I did manage to get a little bored here by the end of my three days, so I only recommend two tops. Going to see a match of FC Freiburg is highly recommended, and the stadium can be reached from the city centre by a long but beautiful walk (one and a quarter hours) along the river to the east.
Ulm & Donau … It is fantastic!
Villingen-Schwenningen … I had a great time there, enjoying my Eis while watching people passing by. Great place to shop too! And this place is always lively!
Todtnauberg … The most breathtakingly beautiful place I have ever visited.
ルートヴィヒスブルク … It has a really good scenery and I can't wait till I am back. It was a very relaxing week and the weather was great.
Göppingen-Hohenstaufen … Hohenstaufen is a interesting town. I love to visit, especially since I have relatives there. There are friendly people and good shopping in Göppingen.