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セルビア ホステル



Every time I want to return to ベオグラード! Belgrade is a nice city where I want to walk all the night through.
Though ベオグラード is a somewhat gritty place, it is certainly worth visiting -- there are interesting museums, churches, and of course, the Kalemegdan Citadel. One can still see vestiges of the Kosovo War -- buildings that were bombed and have not been repaired since, but the inhabitants have tentatively moved on to a new era of integration with the rest of the world. I was surprised how many people spoke English and were friendly to an American traveler -- I regret only spending a day there. It's the capital of a country still largely undiscovered by tourism at this point.
I've visited ノヴィ・サド a couple of times and love it!
I really liked my stay here in ベオグラード -- the country has lots of interesting places and very beautiful ladies. It's nice being here.
ベオグラード is way more than I could ever expect! I spent the winter 2007/2008 in there, and completely fell in love with the city, its people and all. I can't wait to come back in August this year! I highly recommend Belgrade for anyone who's in for something quite different -- and much more exciting -- than western Europe. It's my favourite city in the whole wide world!
ベオグラード is the most beautiful city. Everything is cheap and so beautiful.