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Basel-City ホステル



Avoid spending the night in バーゼル! Basel is very very dull, and worse the hostels all close like 8 p.m. I had one bill me for the night because I'd booked online but refuse to give me a room. I found the Swiss train people extremely unhelpful too.
Call me a stupid Americano, but I had no idea what language to speak when I came to バーゼル. I wanted to visit because it is the crossroads between Switzerland, Germany, and France. I speak French and Italian so I thought I was in good hands, but I was confused nevertheless. LOL : ) Still, Basel was an interesting place! The currency (Swiss Francs) may mess you up if you have only Euros, but some of the shops do take Euros. Basel was pretty neat to hear all the languages mixed together.
One of the best cities we visited. Returned several times. The Carnival in March called 'Fasnacht' is possible the best festival in Europe. It runs from a Sunday night/Monday morning until the Wednesday. It is crazy fun. People walk around in costume and they play a lot of music. Big street parades. If you are going to visit バーゼル, visit during Fasnacht. Try and make it to Liestal Fasnacht, 15 minutes by train out of Basel. It is on the Sunday night. They send burning carts down the streets, a lot of fun, and warms you up!
バーゼル … There's not much going on in this town, but it's a nice stopping point on your way to/from Germany.