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コロンビア共和国 ホステル



ボゴタ … I love so much Colombia and Bogota it is a beatiful capital! I love it.
We're just leaving Taganga now. Our friends were robbed at gunpoint last night and we talked to three other groups of people who were robbed with knives during the last week. The people in the town and police were very apathetic about it. I was also told of two incidences (in the last week) of police searching/intimidating backpackers looking for contraband/bribes as well.
メデジン … Medellin is a great place to visit, but better if you know somebody there. I had friends to show me around. The food is great, women are beautiful, and the people friendly. However, there are definitely things to be cautious of, like any large city.
Tolú … I recently traveled from Bogota to Tolu. Although car rental is very costly, it's well worth the price to travel through Colombia. The trip takes about two-and-a-half days, but wow, what fantastic views. Stopping every night in a hotel along the route -- no problems and low cost -- it's very safe these days. We found the best beach was San Francisco Beach -- very clean and good service with beach umbrellas and good food. Tolu is now undergoing a tourist boom and prices are half the price of Cartagenia. Also French Beach is nice and the walk along the beach is superb. You can also go on a power boat trip and visit a few small islands -- have lunch and enjoy the Caribbean at a modest cost. Go now before prices start to increase with tourism. Make sure you take a bike taxi -- the drivers are fun and they know everything.
バジェドゥパル … I would definitely stay here again!
マニサレス … Had a really relaxing time here. The Chistinas were both grat hosts and extremely helpful. Loved cooking in the kitchen, felt like home. Don't miss trekking in Los Nevados and visit Chinchina.