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Attica ホステル



アテネ was gorgeous and the food is AMAZING! The underground system isvery easy to navigate and all the people were incredibly friendly. Athens by far has the most character of any city I have visited.
I've been many times to the Greek Islands before and I never expected that アテネ would be something special, but God was I wrong. Athens is an amazing place to visit and live. The atmosphere is totally different than the U.K. The food there is delicious, people are so friendly, and girls are beautiful. I went there during August for one week and the weather was great. There are many beaches around Athens and you can be there from anyplace at no time! There are a thousand antique monuments. However, sixties apartments are all over the city, but that's not really a problem when in Athens, because it's such a unique place.
アテネ is the most polluted city ever visited. Nevertheless it has a lot of charm and is probably one of our favourite cities in Europe. Acropolis was not as expected -- Italian temples in Agrigento and Paestum are nicer ones.
アテネ is lovely. You may be scared by the less than pretty image it sometimes has. BUT the old city is beautiful to wander through. I like nothing better than eating a gyros and wandering up to the Acropolis hill and looking over the night lights of the city. It has its dirty noisy bits, but unlike many clean and tidy places, Athens has character.
Spend one or two days in アテネ -- go see the Acropolis, the museum, and Plaka, and then get out. Go to the islands or the small villages and see the "real" Greece. Most Greeks will tell you the same. Outside of that, it's just a generic, noisy, and polluted city.
アテネ is wonderful. Out of the many places we visited, Athens was by far my favorite. The historical places are so moving -- coming from such a young country (U.S.A.) the antiquity and ageless beauty almost took my breath away. The people go out of their way to be friendly and helpful. The food is fresh, prepared well, and delicious. Using the metro was easy and cheap -- signs and announcements are made in both Greek and English. Also the street signs are in both languages. Most everyone spoke English to some degree. I did not see any of the "less than pretty image." Everyone seemed proud of their city and projected a real happiness. The streets were clean, the metro stations beautiful, and the tourist office is great. We received a beautiful all-color tourist book on Athens for free, as well as numerous other pamphlets and helpful, informative staff. Overall, go to Athens! You will be richly rewarded in your Athens travel experience.