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オーストリア共和国 ホステル


ザルツブルク is a very pretty town, much livelier than Vienna for my money (but less museums). Music on the streets all the time plus outdoor concerts and operas. In the old town things can get expensive thanks to all the tourists, so try the other side of the river. Nightlife here is not really up to par either. And don't forget to see the Ice Caves!
ブレゲンツ is a nice town, maybe a little more "Swiss" than people might be used to seeing in other parts of Austria. In other words: a nice place to live, a mediocre place to visit. While I did actually enjoy the city, it had more of a "modern metropolis" feel than a European feel. There are many great resturaunts and bars in the city though. The Mexican resturaunt called "Viva" is good, but a little expensive at about 20E a plate, and 7E for cocktails. The beachfront on Lake Constance is nice though, although you do have to pay for access to the "nice beaches". Otherwise you only get a dock to swim from.
Great if you like museums. The castles and the coffee are both great as well. But Vienna seems to lack a personality (other than big city) these days, which is strange given that it used to be such a cultural center. Skip the overrated statue clock and beware pickpockets outside the Dom. Get off the main streets for a more relaxed feel.
グラーツ definitely doesn't match up to its close rivals Vienna and Slazburg, but it does offer a great day trip. The river winds through the city and its plesant to take a stroll alond it while taking in some of the modern and ancient architecture. The old clock tower is also worth a visit with some great views of the city available by it.
インスブルック … Not a lot to do in this place. You wouldn't need more than 2 days!
Heiligenblut … Great picturesque ski town right in the middle of the Austrian alps.
St. Michael im Lungau … This is one of the best ski places I've ever stayed at.