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Groningen ホステル



Since I am from Hamburg, Germany, フローニンゲン市 reminds me of my old town Bremen, which is not really far away from Groningen. Groningen is a really, really friendly village. It has everything you need, it isn't that expensive, and you can chill the whole day in the silence of the city. If you want to party, Groningen is one of the biggest student cities in the whole Netherlands. You can party there in the middle of the week until 6 o'clock in the morning! The Village isn't that big, though full of beautiful blonde girls. I had a great week in Groningen and will be going there again in May. For people who where in Amsterdam, and thought that its a bit to crowded, go to Groningen and have almost the same enjoyments and it's not that crowded!
フローニンゲン市 is a very good place for relaxing and for not much money.
I was an exchange student in フローニンゲン市 for six months. I can tell you that city rocked my world -- I gotta come back someday.
I stayed in フローニンゲン市 a couple weeks ago. I am 32 so the whole pubs / student thing doesn't do any thing for me anymore... Q- Would I stay here again. A- Yes, for 2 days instead of 3. 3 stars...average if you're not picky.
フローニンゲン市 is a sweet town - definitely worth a 25 euro train ride from Amsterdam. Lots of Pubs, big student population, this town rocks until 6 in the morning.
I lived in フローニンゲン市 for two years and would love to go back, but there were times I felt like an outsider. Coffee shops were my favorite thing and their love of music.