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エジプト・アラブ共和国 ホステル



I am an American who lived in カイロ for twenty-seven years. The city is friendly and people will go out of their way to help foreigners. There are hustlers who will try to push their wares on you at the tourist sites. As far as safety goes, it is much safer than a large American city. You will have a great time! Please try to learn a few words in Arabic, it really helps!
Mohandeseen in カイロ is considered a upperclass neighborhood, which I found to be safe and friendly. This area of the city is provides a central starting point for tourist and business people alike, and is within walking distance of great shopping, banks, and dining.
Luxor is like so totally awesome! #1 tourist destination.
カイロ is the paradise of backpackers.
Dahab is a nice place.
I have been to Luxor. I had the best pizza in all my life in Quick Pizza in TV Street. I want everyone to go there -- they have a good pizza. They have home delivery as well -- very fast to the hotels.