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メーガーラヤ州 ホステル



シロン is just like a heaven. This is the place where you can have lots of fun -- Shillong peak, Wards lake, Elephant falls, Mausmai cave are some of the places where you can explore. You can hire a taxi and can visit this place in a day. I can say that whoever already visited Shillong will never get bored if they visit many times. Please do visit and don't miss out from seeing this beautiful place!
シロン is a wonderful place to stay and it's so lovely that every day is a romantic day -- you will never feel bored. One of the best things I like in Shillong is the weather. Truly speaking, I love Shillong. I am planning to go for my honeymoon in Shillong -- it's the place where my love story started with my hubby. I miss all those days in Shillong.
シロン … I stayed almost three years in this lovely and serene place. I can say, with no doubt, that this is one the most beautiful place in the world. If you want to have peace of mind, and feel decent, calm, and serene as well as have lots of fun, it's indeed a great place where you can find all these things. So I am suggesting you guys to visit and enjoy to the fullest -- it's just like paradise!