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Emilia-Romagna ホステル



モデナ is the hometown of Ferraris.
ボローニャ is the most beautiful city i have ever visited -- the architecture is exquisite and the meat is to die for.
ボローニャ is probably one of the nicest italian cities. Its buildings, le Due Torri, Piazza Nettuno, La chiesa de Lucca are incredible, also is the griddle of the Bolognese Sauce that all of us enjoy!!! Full of young people from all over the world, I made great friends here!!!
リミニ used to be called the Teutonic (German) BBQ, because thousands of German holiday-makers lay on the beaches and turned over like steaks. It is still the same, just more international now. You've got to pay for most beaches and the beach strip is filled with restaurants, shops, and hotels. If one likes to party and have not much space on the beach during the seasons, you might like it. The centre of Rimini is attractive.
モデナ is wonderful. Very peaceful with wonderful food.
ボローニャ is a fantastic city in my humble opinion. :)