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フロリダ州 ホステル



This was a fantastic place, loved the waterfall. Tour was really good, even swimming in the mangroves. I got to see a lot of wildlife -- apparently unusual for this time of year. I recommend the エバーグレーズ国立公園 as a place to stay but you will need a car or hook up with friendly people.
ゲインズビル is mostly a college town, so if you're there you're probably there to do something related to the university, such as going to a game.
Everyone thinks of オーランド as the city with a lot of amusement parks, but actually the amusement parks are all located south of the city (mostly around Kissimmee). The city itself has a great downtown with a lot going on and it's worth checking out.
タンパ is the only true city in Florida -- real people, no attitude, and great nightlife. Go!
マイアミビーチ has great nightclubs that are open late. I didn't get much sleep but had fun!
フロリダキーズ … They have great scuba diving with amazing clarity. We could see the bottom from our dive boat down to at least thirty meters.