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アリゾナ州 ホステル



フラッグスタッフ... cool place with cheap skiing!
フェニックス is looking way better from last, the only downturn I noticed is when I looked at an almanac it said its population grew by more than a million! But they added a light rail kind of like trolleys in San Francisco, and I'm liking what's happening.
フェニックス is a craphole. There are homeless people everywhere you turn and the bus system is bad!
フェニックス is different but good!
If you're coming to フェニックス, try to be here during the first Friday of the month. There is an "art walk" where all the galleries downtown open for free and you can drink booze in the street. There is also usually lots of cool live music going on.
I lived there for six months and have really good memories of フラッグスタッフ.