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Webb St Backpackers

Webb St Backpackersの他サイトでの評価
3  I only stayed here because there were no other beds available in Wellington at the time, and I moved out as soon as possible. The staff were not friendly, the kitchen was locked at night till 7am (which sucks if you have to leave early), and the overall atmosphere was dull and lifeless. The other guests were generally friendly, but the rooms were kinda crappy and the bathrooms dirty. Not the worst place I ever stayed, but definitely lacking in personality and charm.  ()
1  I stayed here the first night I was in Wellington and I was glad I only stayed one. The TV has to be operated by the owner and he constantly talks to his mates, swearing, totally oblivious of people around him. In the bar there is a note saying if you leave a mess I'll cut off your manhood, which wasn't very funny. Oh, and the free breakfast is one piece of toast, which you make yourself.  ()
1  I was here last year and I won't be returning in the future. First I'd like to say ignore the picture on this site, as it's nowhere near Webb Street. As far as the hostel goes, it was so cold I came down with the worst flu, due to the cold rooms. Also the place can get very dirty. After staying here for a week or so I decided to move elsewhere. Honestly, give this place a miss. There was no BBQ area, the spa was empty, and the bar was so small.  ()

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