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Ashfield Hostel


Ashfield Hostelの他サイトでの評価
3   Good location hostel has very good location convenient for getting to and from the airport. rooms are a bit cold in the winter months as heating is regulated to certain time of the day. rooms are noisy due to the location on very busy road. they do provide free ear plugs though.  , age 34, slovakia ()
2   They don't seem to care much I'll start with the pros -- it was cheap and in a great location, the one young guy working the desk was very cool and they have hard boiled eggs with their breakfast. Beyond that this was the weakest hostel I've stayed at yet. The rooms are cramped and wifi only works in the lobby (which as others have mentioned is weirdly, uncomfortably hot most of the time), our toilet had to be milked like a cow to work up enough pressure to flush, but worst of all was the generally unresponsive and uncaring staff members. Besides the aforementioned young man, they were not very helpful (couldn't tell me the right details about which bus to take to the airport) and any inquiry was met with disinterest. But hey, it's close to the Temple Bar area at least.  ()
5   Ashfield House First off, Ireland was the most amazing place I've ever traveled to and something you have to experience for yourself to truly understand. I have had terrible experiences in hostels before so coming into Ashfield House I was a bit apprehensive; however, I was quickly proven wrong. It is the most friendly atmosphere and with the most friendly workers -- I felt like I was home. If you get the chance to talk to conor, he is AMAZING and definitely deserves a raise for putting up with me all the time. Also breakfast is included which was super convenient and the hostel is pretty much in the center of everything with a 5 minute walk into town. LOVE IRELAND. cant wait to go back.  , age 20, USA ()
1   Poor -- Do not stay here The hostel is dirty with poor security, they also charged me an extra 30 euros a month after i stayed here and when i called to inquire about it they just kept telling me to call back. I would not recommend staying here.  , Canadian ()
1  Don't stay here unless your only requirements are "cheap" and "central." It's REALLY DIRTY, and security is AWFUL — no lockable cupboards (except tiny ones in reception that cost money), and I was in the dorm room (REALLY CRAMPED) which has no lock on the door, so literally anyone in the hostel can go in there. Plus the reception staff hardly ever ask for your pass, so pretty much anyone can walk in off the street. The staff are really UNFRIENDLY too, as are most of the other guests — not recommended for individual travelers. And the first night there was a REALLY NOISY school group, screaming/running around/banging on doors till all hours!! BRING EARPLUGS!! Oh, and the breakfast rolls are stale. And for some reason, the lights didn't work during the day, so I couldn't use the bathroom. The whole place is in dire need of redecoration.  ()
5  Fantastic location — minutes from Temple Bar and Trinity College. Getting to the Guinness tour is a nice walk along the Liffey. I met some great people while staying here last year, including some of the staff! I had hoped to get back here, but didn't quite make it. I would recommend this hostel to anyone!  ()
4  Excellent location, and the en suite shower was great, especially if you're sharing the room with friends. The metal bunks were a bit squeaky but comfortable, and the bedrooms were quite small but some had a lovely view over the street. The kitchen area was large and the staff were friendly.  ()
2  The in-room bathrooms are nice but the facilities there are not great. And not only did the bathroom door not lock but it didn't even really shut. The morning staff were great and helpful and seemed to care about issues you bring to them. The same is not true of the afternoon and evening staff, who were distinctively not helpful—- you definitely felt like you were bothering them if you asked even the simplest question. There was a very creepy guy staying in our room and little to nothing was done about him. There is really no common area and the staff controls what you watch on the TV. The breakfast and showers and beds were above average, which somewhat made up for the rest of the downfalls here. The location is great, which also makes things a little better.  ()

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