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Sky Hostel


Sky Hostelの他サイトでの評価
1   Horrible place The room we ended up in had nothing to do with the nice ones from the official pictures. Everything was old, worn, not too clean, and smelled with cigarettes. The walls were dirty, and the place was noisy. The toilet/shower was even worse -- no separate shower area, the floor was shared with the toilet, and after each shower you had to wipe the floor off with a wiper provided (which did not look to clean itself to be honest). I did not dare to enter this place barefoot and I tried not to touch the shower curtain. There was not even a curtain in the window, so anyone could have seen me from the outside. The "kitchen" was a small room with a microwave that would get overcrowded if more than two persons entered, the breakfast (just coffee and pastry) was served in another hostel down the street, and the WiFi worked only in the shared area. By shared area I mean tiny lobby near the reception with some 5 seats that were always occupied. But they charged me as if it was a hotel. Do yourself a favour and stay away from this horrible place!  ()
3   Friendly staff, spacious room, noisy street Staff very helpful and friendly. Shower was clean, good hot water. 5bed male dorm was spacious however, to much noise from the BenYehuda street so bring earplugs. Try to get the lower bed of the bunk bed, not so stable bunk beds. Perfect location and free and fast wifi. 24hrs supermarkets next door.  , age 33, Netherlands ()
1   Terrible service, mean reception, and bad rooms I stayed here because it was cheap, but at first there are a bunch of sleaze balls that stay here, including one guy who filmed the people coming in and out and even starting arguments with people. Ok, so the second night I stayed there I checked out at 11 a.m. and they said I could keep my baggage there til midnight as long as I paid 5 NIS. Fine. But, after I went to the beach and wanted to get a pair of pants out of the baggage room, they would not let me change in the bathroom, kitchen, anywhere. What was I supposed to do? I'm paying for the space, and now I am not allowed to change. So, they want me out of the hostel and I said it was not right so they threw my stuff on the street! A bunch of assholes work here. Save the trouble.  , USA ()
2   Not again please i didn't have high standards -- and i still don't -- and this place was "ok" to stay for a night, but i wouldn't stay there any longer! the showers are dirty, the beds uncomfy and disgustingly dirty, the other hostel guests weren't quite of the regular type you'd think to stay at "youth" hostels. still, i slept well the night and enjoyed the breakfast. also the staff was not quite the greatest but super friendly. i'd recommend staying at another place, but this one is alright too if you can't find an alternative!  , germany ()
2   Six point from ten I visit this hostel at may 2009, check out at 11 o'clock. first at the reception gave me key for room, it was at second floor, no elevator. I get in and I was shock, three double-decker plus another double-decker at the balcony. also it was stifling unpleasant and full, I left immediately and ask from the reception another option so the gave me key for another room, same side room but three double-decker in the room and was three person so it was ok. the problem was that this room was at the front of busy road -- problem to sleep! no air conditioner but wind from the sea. I manege to sleep somehow, even one person was snoring. breakfast was a big and nice cake plus any hot drink that you ask. if you want to keep your luggage after you check out you can leave it for 5 NIS -- this was wonderful because I was need to go to visit friends at and I didnt want to go with luggage.  , israel ()
1   Stay away!!! I have stayed at a ton of hostels and have seen bad ones, but this is the worst! Bad staff, dirty, no atmosphere. The only good thing about it is the location, but then again all the hostels in Tel Aviv have a good location.  , USA ()
2   Not the best Location: Great. Price: Cheap. Internet: Free wifi in lobby. Cleanliness / state: not good -- mattress moldy, fixtures old and in need of attention. Staff: friendly enough, but not tolerant of hotel use after checkout. Bed: fair to poor -- not the most comfortable, and not uncomfortable. Bathroom: usable. Winter: Room VERY cold, and no heater. They did give me extra blankets. I would not stay here again, but pay more for something a bit nicer.  , USA ()
2   Keep looking. I've stayed at a lot of hostels around the world and this one was definitely one at the bottom of the heap. Really dirty, really dingy and depressing environment, unhelpful staff, horrific bathrooms, beds that felt like slabs of concrete, no A/C and a joke for a breakfast (tea and a slice of bread). The only reason it got two stars from me as opposed to one is the fact that it's in a somewhat decent location.  , U.S. ()

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