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Mellow Yellow Villa

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Mellow Yellow Villaの他サイトでの評価
5  It was great! Many different countries represented there, aging between twenty and thirty-five. The tours are safe and well planned, I got a free BBQ, free t-shirt, and free nights stay for staying just ten nights. I highly recommend it.  , Atlanta, GA ()
1  This is the first time I have ever written a review of a hostel. (pain is great motivator.) i write this from their internet access! Concise version: DO NOT STAY HERE! LONG VERSION, I changed from another place for the weekend, thinking it would be a great place to party. Yes i met good group of people. BUT, The bar stops making 'anything they have to shake or muddle at 11 pm because their arms get tired.' the spa & pool table are closed at 9.30! the breakfast is rationed! you get one slice of cheese, one slice of ham, and 1 glass of juice! apparently you can have all the cake you want, but there was none! The bar shuts 12ish! (this is before any of the clubs open/get busy!) if you book a tour (when you book the form includes what room youre in)and you sleep in (hell its rio!) they dont wake you up.. they call you over the speaker system (this is in the stairwell, reception, and the bar) they wont come wake you up!  ()
4  Overall this is one of the better places I have stayed at, mostly because of the fun atmosphere, location and facilities. The food was great and the nights were well coordinated. But the showers weren't always warm and the TV was shut off at 1:30 a.m. so there was barely enough time to watch one DVD after a few drinks at the bar. The bar shuts early (but I guess they want to keep the noise down), and the staff don't "bring up" the subject of discounts, free arrival drink etc., you have to ask for it. This is the only hostel I have been to that has decided that fruits and juices in Brazil are too expensive to be given more than once. The foreign staff are particularly cool, as are a large number of the Brazilian staff, though not all.  ()
2  Don't believe the crap about staying for seven days and getting a free barbecue! Or all the other "specials." You could check the small print if they had any.  ()
5  Simply put, this is how hostels should be. It's run by people who have clearly been travelling themselves. The hostel encourages travelers to mix and go out together without the need for any "forced fun." It's the best hostel I've found anywhere in the world thus far and what with the location, the best placed from which to enjoy Rio.  ()
5  Great place — very chilled out, great bar and the chill out room is pretty good, too! The staff are great and happy to arrange trips. Fantastic location, just minutes from the beach.  ()
2  When I stayed there in May, the hostel was full of 18-20 year olds looking to get drunk and get laid every night. Many people got drunk by the end of happy hour even before going out for the night (great prices on caipirinhas though). Every night I stayed there, there was someone having sex in my dorm. Yeah, this is Rio and everyone gets laid, but for Christ's sake, get a motel room! I guess it all depends on what you are looking for. Oh, if you do stay here make sure to ask for your key deposit back. They won't return it unless you ask when you are checking out. I thought it was shady since they ask for a deposit from everyone who checks in. They should automatically return the deposit when you leave. The location of this hostel is great though.  ()
5  Great place, very chilled out. It has excellent facilities and a good party crowd, the best I experienced in South Africa. Check it out!  ()

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