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The Barn

The Barnの他サイトでの評価
2   Quite Poor I also had the impression that they wanted to make use of the situation because there was no other hostel around. They didn't even give us a key for our room, because they were afraid of running out of keys. I was quite amazed when I saw the eight-bedroom dorm. It was basically in a hallway with stairs going up to other rooms, which means that everybody could just walk through there. As far as I could see they had two showers and three toilets for all the people that were staying in the dorm rooms. And there were at least twenty people (if not even more) in the house. Our room was very stuffy and the curtains were so thin that the minute the sun started to rise in the morning, the entire room was so light that you couldn't sleep anymore. But the setting of the barn was exceptionally and the kitchen, toilet, and shower facilities were clean.  , Germany ()
5   Very intimate, clean, and my favorite! I liked the Barn very much, I instantly felt at home! The surroundings, Abel Tasman Nationalpark, are a must do in NZ and this hostel is the best to stay in for that time. Every night a little fire in a big can and everybody is very friendly! The kitchen is clean, the showers are hot and the weather was perfect! Everyone has to run a hostel with money, you have to earn something, otherwise you have to close down! It is just fair to be not allowed to use the showers in the evening, when you checked out in the morning to go on a track!  , german ()
5   Wonderful This hostel was by far the cleanest I stayed in. The staff were very friendly and the atmosphere was very inviting and cozy. I would recommend it to anyone looking for comfortable and clean place to stay.  , American ()
4   Nice and cozy! This hostel was in a great location. I stayed with a lot of my other friends, and the beds might have been sort of in an awkward configuration if that had not been the case. I did like it a lot though, and it was quite clean.  , USA ()
2  We only went camping there, but found that the staff were only there to make money -- no information whatsoever. Communication was signs posted all over the communal area threatening to fine you if you happen to still be on the premises after check out. Asking additional fees for this and that. Although I must say the kitchen and showers were great.  ()

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