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158 Adelaide Terrace, パース (Perth City), Western Australia, オーストラリア
-31.959663, 115.871708 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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+61 (8) 9221-9991
+61 (8) 9221-9991
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I would recommend you stay away from this place, they charged me for 2 nights when I first got there and than recharged my credit card from the number on the reservation the next day again. Luckily I was back in Perth a week later and had to go into the backpackers and argue with the man to get my money refunded. Also if you are a girl be careful the older man who is the owner was extremely creepy to all the females who stayed there, following them around and wouldnt leave them alone.
The facilities are ok and it's about a ten- to fifteen-minute walk to town which isn't too bad if you have time. the managers aren't good at managing noisy guests. my room was by the balcony to which five lads decided to drink on and shout and scream to the early hours of the morning and the managers did nothing to stop this. they offered me the option of moving rooms to an overcrowded and dingy room at the back as opposed to just kicking them out as me and other guests complained. all in all i've stayed in worse.
We stayed there for a week as we payed up for the discount but i wish we hadnt. The staff were rude and very unhelpful. They couldnt speak very good English as they were Italian i think. One of the guys that worked there was creepy looking and you wouldnt want to trust him too much. First night we stayed there i had about fifteen bites in the morning and my girlfriend had about twenty due to the mosquito nets on the windows were hanging off. Showers were crap and the toilets were dirty. They say they have air con but they dont say they turn it off at nights which made sleeping impossible due to the heat. Double rooms were very expensive. And the place stunk like hell of fish as that's the only thing the owners seemed to cook. Do not go there!
Aran and Karen
(England and Ireland)
  No communication between staff members and subsequently promised discounts which never materialised. I acquired numerous bites and on inspection found the room was home to a family of bedbugs! We were relocated to another room but only the ensuite was available (we had paid for room only) and therefore the staff spitefully locked us out of the ensuite bathroom (in the U.K. we would have been given a free upgrade). By the following day our old room was ready for new customers with questionable defumigation procedures. Staff only became extremely friendly when they realised who my father was back home in Scotland!
Anonymous x 2
  This is my third time staying at this hostel. Great hospitatlity, quiet, clean, and close to the city.
  We stayed in a double room for three weeks that had its own bathroom. We were very happy with the room because it was modern, clean, and had a television. Much better than the other hostels we stayed at other places. This hostel is perfect for people who like nice, quiet places.
Vasiliki Aroni
  A bad hostel without any hospitality by the hostelstaff. Internet is not free! No sheets! They promise things and don't give them to you. It really isn't worth the money, so don't go there.
  This hostel is certainly not suitable for party freaks. It is quiet, far from the city center, but you can catch the free Red CAT bus service, though you have to return before 6 something if you do not want to miss the last bus service which ends at 6:20 p.m. Me and my sis stayed there for four days and our first night's sleep was disturbed by somebody in the Laundromat at 4 in the morning (it's just downstairs). People from the room next to ours walked out and shouted at them. The owner is pretty friendly but sometimes is kind of slow to get your inquiries through at the reception if there are already people queuing up. The bathroom and toilet are attached, though clean. There's an open-air lounge on the 2nd floor but it is facing the main road, (no pretty view of the Swan River as it is actually a block away). So you can only enjoy the quiet in the evening when the traffic is not heavy.

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