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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Hostel Amigo Zocalo" at Moneda 8.)


Moneda 8, Centro Histórico, メキシコシティ (Cuidad de México), State of México, メキシコ合衆国
19.433624, -99.130667 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+52 5522 5803 or +52 5522 4966
+52 55 22 5803
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Robbed by staff, horrible experience
My girlfriend and I stayed here around Christmas. We had a private room and on the third day, returned to find that our locked room had money, cell phone, and other valuables stolen from it. I am writing to warn other travelers NOT to stay here. We were informed by both desk staff and the tourist police that they have had several problems with robberies from rooms. We are certain it was the maid or other staff because the room was locked. The management wouldn't refund our money, or even refund future night's stay because we didn't want to keep sleeping there and felt unsafe. Not to mention getting our valuables back! They did not fire the staff, either, as we checked up on this later. It was the beginning of our trip and ruined it. Stay away.
  the rooftop is nice, but it's true -- the staff are rude.
  it's dirty, cleaners are lazy.
Good location
My overall experience was quite positive at Hostel Moneda. The staff was friendly and very helpful. They provided me with loads of information on attractions and how to get there. Only downside: if your room is on the 4th floor, it could be quite an experience walking up flights of stairs with heavy luggage. Suggestion -- View it as much needed exercise! Also, I found the internet usage by some travelers to be quite excessive (playing internet games for hours).
  We had an excellent time at Hostel Moneda. I found the staff really friendly and professional and the included breakfast and dinner is hard to beat for the price. I would agree that the location is a bit dodgy so arrive during the day if you can. The bar is cheap, most of the rooms are adequate although the rooms on the top couple of floors can be really noisy, being so close to the bar.
  One of the best hostels I stayed in throughout Central America! Not much that can beat free breakfast, free dinner and two free tours for only $10 a night. Location is excellent in the middle of Mexico City with cheap street food at the Zocaló and close to subway and other transportation. Lots of other travelers as well so good opportunities of meeting travel companions.
Dave from Sweden
  If you come and stay here, don't stay in the eleven room dorm with an "ensuite". All the pipes from the other rooms fed into what can only be described as a windowless storage room. We heard the water rush every time someone took a shower, and worse, went to the toilet. It permanantly stank. The two "ensuites" provided had broken tiling. One had a toilet and no place to wash your hands and the bathroom windows led into the bedroom. This all could have been handled if the staff weren't so rude. I watched one staff member interact with a client. They had reserved a place on one of the tours and somehow the ticket got misplaced, either by the staff member or traveller. Instead of saying, "sure, no problem, we have proof of your reservation" - which they did on a list, the woman criticized the girl for losing her ticke. Then she let off steam in Spanish to a fellow worker, something most people could understand by tone if not the words . The girl was still in front of her. It was rude and unprofessional. Yeah, they have a terrace, and are situated well, and I have heard the other rooms are ok, but my stay there won't be remembered for that. It will be remembered for the rudeness and the stench. I don't think I will ever forget the stench.
  This hostel stretches over 5 floors and feels a bit institutional with its white corridors and sterile rooms, perhaps as a result of its size, although some rooms do have colorful murals on the wall. It has everything you need in a hostel, especially as a first port-of-call on a long trip, which is what Mexico City is for many people. There is free high-speed Internet (that actually works), a rockin' roof-top bar/restaurant where you are sure to meet other travellers, free breakfast, laundry service, private hot showers for most dorms, and it is clean. There are two outstanding features that make me recommend this hostel: firstly, the daily organised trips to the Teotihuacan pyramids and free walking tours around the historical city centre; and secondly, the central location, being just two minutes walk from the central plaza, known as the Zocalo. Competition with the nearby HI hostel keeps the management on their toes. The hostel couldn't be easier to find. Travel to Zocalo metro station, from the airport or the bus terminals, find Calle Moneda ("Moneda Street") which heads right as you stand looking at the front of the Cathedral, and walk until you see a building on the left with a sign that says "Hotel Moneda". That's "Hotel", not "Hostel", revealing that the hostel was once a hotel.

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