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Aberdeen Lodge Hostel


Aberdeen Lodge Hostelの他サイトでの評価
1   SHITE BOX Absolute sh*t camp disgusting, Stinks, bedbugs, please stay clear. ended up sleeping in my car, buy a tent and sleep on beach instead -- you will thank me for that advice.  , Ireland ()
1   BedBugs Never go there!! A friend and I went there and felt awkward straight away with guys sitting out the front smoking and drinking. Then later we found that one of those people was the manager and that's why we had to wait, because it was closed in the middle of the day?! The floor was disgusting, showers were nothing I'd ever seen before! But in the morning after we left, my friend realised she had bedbug bites all up her arm!! Stay clear of the Aberdeen!  , New Zealand ()
2   Party I have never been in a jail that is as unhygienic as this place (No Way). Hey if you want a good time for a couple of days and to meet real Australia Northbridge is a Party town and the Aberdeen is a Party house. make sure you take a photo of it great for travel stories. As far as drugs go I smoked some weed there, but I didn't buy it there, drank some grog, didn't see anything hard. Good backpacker pub over the road, monday night backpacker night.  , australia ()
2   Dirty This place is disgusting! there is 2 female showers for the whole place and 1 of which u wouldnt go near because i dont think it has ever been cleaned and is in an old dirty bath. the other is not much better!! the rooms are small and to hot with no aircon and the place smells of piss!! there are old sofas that people that havnt even paid sleep on which are apparently full of bedbugs. The windows wouldnt open in my room as they were nailed shut!! However the people i met there were really nice and it has a good place out the front where you can drink and socialise. It is a good location close to the shops and nightlife. Only stay here if u dont mind the place being dirty!!!  ()
1   Awful Avoid this Hostel at all costs if you can -- people who don't even stay there wander around at night and steal food and/or your possessions. It is dirty, the staff are not interested in anything you have to say and there is a feral cat that roams around the kitchen which is nice and hygienic. If it weren't for the people I met in that hostel I would have went mad.  ()
4   Excellent place. excellent place to stay, good price, friendly people, even KL is Malay has Spanish style "to be". I liked that place. Viva Aberdeen lodge.  , czech republic ()
2  sh*t hole. if you need to use the toilet, just take a sh*t in here, it will only improve the place. if you like drugs and fighting this is the place for you and your family. nothing works, u might possibly get a bit of water out of the tap but that is it. if you choose to get a disease then this is the place for you. if you have an addiction, this is also the place for you. its worth a look just for a laugh. go see ABERDEEN LODGE, NORTHBRIDGE 6003 (ex cons welcome).  , english ()
1   Disgusting -- do not stay there I have never in my life stayed in such a hellhole. It is by far the worst place I have ever stayed in and I have traveled the world twice over. The whole place stinks to high heaven and the bathrooms havent seen a clean in months I would say. I wouldn't drink the water from the tap let alone cook a meal in this place the kitchen was disgusting with roaches everywhere. It's not even cheaper than the rest and be aware you wont get a refund if you pay up front for more nights than you can handle! We were charged 25 to 27 per night for the displeasure.  , British ()

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