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The Beachouse


The Beachouseの他サイトでの評価
4   I love it ... I'd only stay there if you're 18-28 range though It's a cool chill place for young backpackers lookin to hang out, party, chill with friends, and meet new people. The food is pretty good and the bar is nice. Veggie Burgers are delish. The water is clear and many activities are available. Kayaks are free and they have Hot Water! the dorms are clean and roomy. It's fun and pretty cheap. I love it. it's good for a backpackers resort!  , age 23, American who lives in Fiji ()
2   There are better places in area This place has so much potential as situated on lovely beach and the facilities are good for the budget. however, the staff really do not want to be there and are very rude. the Aussie owners seem to use it as a holiday place themselves and do not care about the guests. Website states there is a cafe but there are only two choices per night of food. Also check your bill, us and a number of others had extras that were not correct added on. If you are an animal lover, beware, the fijians here hate animals and even abuse the owners dogs. They were talking of killing a friendly kitten that the guests were feeding when when we were there.  , UK ()
4  Beautiful hostel right on the beach. Very cheap for what you get. Spacious dorm. Nice pool, bar, hammocks, and reasonable food at reasonable prices. Also nice to see remnants of filming Celebrity Love Island here! Everyone was eaten alive by mosquitoes here so bring a net and lots of deet! I would highly recommend this.  ()
5  I initially booked for two nights with the intention of heading to Suva. I ended up staying for the full seven days of my trip. I loved the place. I took a day trip to a resort near Pacific Harbor — I couldn't stand it, I felt like I just wanted to get back "home" so I hitched a ride on a truck, back to the Beach House. The staff were SO kind and loving. Napolioni — ya gotta love that man! Mossies love us foreigners, so be warned. I loved the Kava sessions; staff; frogs; geckos; beach; Fiji Gold; Kava; Napoleon; making jewelry; food; and the scones! Did I mention the Kava!!!  ()
5  Welcome to PARADISE!!! The Beachouse is amazing, wish you were here, eat your heart out!! Beautiful beach, food, accommodation, the surf break is a 10-minute paddle out, amazing people — and not to forget that afternoon tea everyday!! I'll be back as soon as I can!!  ()
1  The beach at this hostel sucks. The staff at this hostel are not very helpful, the only thing they want is your money. I left the hostel a day after I got there. Boring place, and not too many things to do.  ()
5  Awesome place to stay. The staff, service and atmosphere were unbeatable. The beaches were magnificent; nothing better than lazing around on the beach all day then volleyball in the afternoon. And after dinner everyone just seemed to slip into party mode at night simultaneously. Hello to Paco and Laurent. Chris and Rodderz  ()
5  This is one of the most popular and nicest budget accommodations in all of Fiji. It's problematic for people who like to cook for themselves, as the nearest market is a 30-minute bus ride. There are activities, excursions, a little library, restaurant, clean garden rooms, and plenty of hammocks. This is a great stop along the Coral Coast on your way from the west to the east on Fiji's main island.  ()

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