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Youth Hostel Borda Jovell

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4  L'auberge de jeunesse de Sispony est un endroit chaleureux et très convivial. Les propriétaires sont de vrais amours et se mettent vraiment en quatre pour tous (qu'ils soient espagnols, français, allemands, catalans ou d'autres nationalités). Leurs sourires illuminent cet endroit et nous fait oubliés que l'on est loin de sa famille car réellement Joaquim et Marie-Carmen sont les parents attentifs de tous. Si une virée en Andorre vous tente,allez chez eux c'est à la bonne franquette et en toute décontraction le bon point de chute. Pour notre part nous reviendrons l'an prochain (ce sera donc la 3° année ),car c'est un lieu inoubliable avec des personnes vraies pour le tenir. Je leur souhaite encore beaucoup d'années de patience pour le rendre toujours aussi vivant et vibrant d'émotions.  ()
4  A very friendly couple, clean rooms/showers, excellent rates and a decent atmosphere with lots of foreign students. It is a bit of a walk uphill for a mile or so, but it is worth it if you want cheap comfort. I would happily stay there again although the curfew is a bit restrictive!  ()
4  The owner is very nice. However, although the page indicates that English is spoken as well, the owner only speaks Spanish, French and Catalan, the official language in Andorra. There is a curfew in the hostel, so that you must return from your daily trips before 12 a.m. This might sound weird, however, after skiing the entire day you don't really feel like going out a lot, and in addition, there aren't many nightlife spots either. The prices are very moderate (14 euros including breakfast) and half or full board can be booked as well. Online bookings, or at least requests, can be made through the page mentioned above as well. However, be prepared that the rooms are shared, so sleeping in a dormitory with 12 people might be possible. I'm not sure, but there are dormitories for 4 people only as well. Bathrooms are shared as well. The atmosphere in general is very friendly. Anyway, I enjoyed my stay there very much. I hope this might help all of you travelers out there.  ()

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