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Turchia Ostelli

Turchia Comments

Koycegiz … Now a nature and wildlife preserve, this area is a real paradise with its rare and beautiful setting, and with a history going back to 3500 B.C. The town centre, positioned on the lakeside, is unlike any holiday resort. Only on Mondays when there is a large market do you get an influx of both Turks from the surrounding villages and tourists who often arrive by boat. For those seeking peace and quiet it is an ideal destination any season. The Lake of Köycegiz is described as "as smooth as glass" till noon and suitable for wind surfing in the afternoon. It contains almost every kind of seafood including crab. You can take a trip by boat to Dalyan over the lake and through the natural labyrinth like channel, walled with reeds which leads to the sea or if you prefer by the road which is lined with perfumed frankincense trees.
I've just come back from Kusadasi. I had the best time of my life. I had never been to Turkey before, but I would certainly recommend it to anyone. The food is nice, couldn't meet nicer people, you get treated like royalty, and it's cheap.
Göreme … Goreme is a nice place, very laid back. I enjoyed most the walk through the Red Rose VAlley. the valley itself is great and you'll end up at the "Flintstone café", run by a friendly guy. the vies from there are marvellous. there is a church nearby which to my opinion tops the ones in the open air museum in Goreme: have a look. Keep on walking to the sunset point for more great hiking, the sunset pint is rather so so but it is easy to go back to Goreme on the road from there.
If you're like me and on a package tour with included accommodation, the best map I've seen of Istanbul is sold for just US$2 at Cordial House HI just off Piyerloti Caddesi up towards the sights. They also have a bar and cafe which I would recommend.
I've been to Marmaris 2 years running and it is excellent! Already booked again for July 2004, can't wait. Also take British Pounds with you. You'll find it easier if you can't get used to the MILLIONS in Turkish currency!
If you come Olympos you should do these things: swim at night once, go to orange bar once, be on the beach at sunrise.
Selçuk … Selcuk is a great way to see other points of interest. I was able to get to Ephesus, Pamakkale, the Greek village of Serince and Priene, Miletos, and Didyma easily. I would recommend staying in Selcuk to visit these areas.
As for Denizli overall I have to say it is nice, but not really a place to see much -- it's just a regular little town. It is very close to Pamukkale and Hierapolis, etc.
We had a great three days in Pamukkale. A great day trip is Aphrodisias, it has a great stadium and museum.
Kaş … I first visited Kas in 1984, and fell in love with it. It's small and quiet, with good food and great daily boat trips. Close to ruins and to Patara Beach.
Dalyan … At the south end of the port, past the Ataturk statue is a city garden that has the best views of the Lycian tombs and the lowest-priced snack bar around, as it is operated by the municipality.
Bodrum … Amazing city! A vivid holiday town, colorful nights dance all night, and an incredible sea especially for divers. I have been there and had a great time, my advice go to Gumusluk with the person you love and eat fish on sea - they set the tables on the sea, real fun.
Pergamo … The best way to get to the Acropolis is to head up the road the Odyssey Guesthouse is on (near the Red Basilica) and just keep going up until you hit the main road (about five to ten minutes), rather than the circuitous route the guidebooks recommend.

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