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Svezia Ostelli

Svezia Comments

I spent a lot of my childhood in Grythyttan as my family grew up there and remain there today. It is a wonderful place to stay bring your children. It's such a friendly little village without all your high-priced and overcrowded streets. It's unlike any place on earth, with beautiful lush forests -- and the lake is amazing. Immerse yourself in the wilderness and get lost.
Very wonderful place! Right now we are waiting in France for a new trip to this town. We remember the delicious pizzas. Greetings from a young couple of "frenchies" really in love with Sweden, and particularly Ljungskile!! Bye and see you soon... we hope!
Helsingborg is a beautiful place! Easy to commute to Copenhagen. Only a short stay this time, but will definitely be returning!
I have visited Karlskrona once and loved it so much that I am hopefully going again this year.
I wasn't thrilled by Stoccolma, but any trip to Sweden requires a stay in the capital, and it is pretty. You need maybe two days to look around. Wander around the islands, they are pretty. Skansen is ok, it's an outdoor museum of old Scandinavian buildings and real live animals. Spend half a day here. Walk the shopping street, it's very nice, no cars. Shopping wasn't as expensive as everyone claims. You can easily spend a few hours on this street. Movies are in English with Swedish subtitles, so that's a bonus. Warning: if arriving on a night train from Copenhagen, you'll get in at 6am, and nothing opens until 10!
I loved my time spent in Järpen, Sweden. It is a most beautiful space -- I look forward to visiting again with my friend Frida.
Norrahammar is a small town with hills and trees. It is very green! Taberg, the mountain would be something to see, it gives you a good view over the landscape.
Visby … I have studied here for a year -- it's a marvelous place. Full of history, picturesque, calm (well, not in summer when it's full of tourists). The surrounding is wonderful. Capital of Gotland, the island in the Baltic sea, is a must for visiting. It's called "Palma de Majorka of Scandinavia." If you visit Stockholm, you should undertake at least a one day trip to Gotland (by plane or ferry). You won't be sorry!
Karlshamn … A very pleasant little town that is beautifully situated. The people seem quite helpful and generally seem to speak good English. Unfortunately, most of the shops appear to be clones of similar shops in the other Swedish towns. I simply could not find a butcher's shop anywhere and the sausages available to campers were very average.
Utö … I just need to tell you: you have to visit this place! It is so wonderful and sweet with small houses and beautiful nature. A must!

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