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Lothian Ostelli


Lothian Comments

For me, it's the most pretty capital in the world! I love it! I love the city, its castle, its streets, its shops, its parks and gardens, its nightlife, its cultural spirit, and I love its people. Scottish people are the nicest people I've ever met! If it's possible, try to go in August and live the Edimburgo Festival. It rocks! These days the city is full of people all around the world and it can be noisy, but the atmosphere is unique! There are lots of concerts, theater plays, cultural activities, and tons of fun. I hope I will go back soon. It's the city I would like to live in. In short, I recommend Edinburgh to everybody!
We have spent the weekend in Edimburgo -- oh, what a city. It's definitely a place we would come back to and party -- fab food and places to drink.
Edimburgo is good for a visit. It's kind of expensive in accommodation and foods. As a budget traveler, the transportation cost is more reasonable in Scotland than in North America. The connection to different cities is excellent. We had a great time in the city of Edinburgh, too much to see but not enough time.
Edimburgo has a very relaxed and friendly feel that most cities don't. The castle is the centre peice of a great city that is a must for anyone looking to see the best cities of Europe.
Edimburgo is possibly the best city I saw in Europe. It's a funky, gothic place and everyone should go. Make sure you spend the money to see the castle. It's awesome!!!!
I lived in Edimburgo for a year and I cannot say enough about how great a city it is. It has everything that a big city offers but it has a small town feel to it. It was amazing and beautiful.

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