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Hotel Ca'Sa Linger

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2   Bugs ruined stay Me and four friends stayed in the 5 person room with an en suite, so we filled the place up with people we knew. If it wasn't people we were comfortable with, it would have been a very uncomfortable stay. There were no lockers or anything for security, it was a very small room with three beds and one bunk. We felt cramped even with just our backpacks for the weekend. The linen they provide is not great. All beds had a fitted sheet, but only two had another sheet on them. The blankets they provided may have been small tablecloths, but they definitely weren't blankets. Aside from that, there were bugs everywhere. We awoke to a large beetle crawling along one of the headboards in the morning. I killed easily 4 moths every morning in the bathroom, and a few in the bedroom as well. We awoke the second morning to find ants (we're really hoping they were ants) in two of the beds. The bathroom was ok except the shower, which had a fair amount of mold and various stains around it, I waited until after the weekend to shower. Aside from these "small" issues, the location is fantastic. Being in Venice is great and makes the trip, as taking water buses and regular buses to hotels outside the main city takes a long time, which isn't ideal for quick trips. But book another hostel on the island in advance so you're not stuck with this one.  , age 22, Canada ()
5   Very friendly and attentive host and excellent localisation In a very charming and typical house. 10 minutes from san marco place, 5 minutes from the vaporetto (Arsenale station). The welcome was perfect -- very friendly and attentive. The rooms are very correct and absolutely clean. Objectively unbeatable value for money.  , French ()
1   don't "linger" at Casa Linger -- run The Hotel Astoria did a bait and switch on me, saying there was a mix-up and they would give me a room at Casa Linger. The bathroom was full of mold, the hot water faucet didn't work, the mirror had a giant black spot right in the middle, the shower was nothing but a drain in the floor next to the toilet. Also, the sheets were damp, when I pulled down the blanket, two moths flew out, and there were spiders living right next to the bed. I stayed out til 1 a.m. and left at daybreak, finding another place easily.  , USA ()
2  I got to Venice really late at night, which I don't recommend because it is really dark and confusing and people won't let you have a room anywhere after about 10 p.m. But I finally found this place. It is in a GREAT location because it is in the middle of San Marco, and really close to the water. But the only room they had available for me was a double room on the first floor. The bathroom was DISGUSTING and there was about one foot of space in front of the toilet for the shower. There was mold everywhere and everything was constantly wet in the room. The sheets were always damp and cold at night, and I got sick from staying here. It wasn't very nice at all, but it was the only place I could find, and it's in the best part of Venice, so if I absolutely had to, I would stay here again. But I recommend finding something else.  ()
2  If you like spiders, stay here. We awoke to catch a 4 a.m. ferry and I spotted a bite on myself. My friend has one on her arm. We were wondering why this place was rated so low on cleanliness, because it was good enough in the beginning. Well we found the big reason, no joke, a spider next to the bed. It had crawled on me and bit me, bit my friends arm, then bit my friend on the face — no lie. DONT STAY HERE, unless you like bugs. It's not that great of a deal, either.  ()
2  Hmmmm. If you like to be close to the heart of things, you'll like this place. Our room was so central it opened into the reception - which made it handy for the toilet and shower, right next to the receptionist. We found it noisy and pricey, for what we got. We're also hoping these are mosquito bites.  ()
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