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HI - El Chaltén - Patagonia Hostel

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El Chaltén is one of the most important centres for outdoor activities on our planet. Travelers from all over the world come together here for a unique experience in the very heart of Patagonia. A never ending range of aventures awaits you among the most spectacular montains surrounded by beautiful glaciers, century-old forest and dreamlike lakes.

Patagonia Hostel is a member of Hostelling International, the biggest hostel organization in the world, which guarantees you its international standards of security, hygiene and confort. Here you will find all services required to make your stay much more confortable, with a maximum of time to enjoy the National Park, at a reasonable price.

As the owners of "Patagonia" we have lived in El Chaltén for years, as we love nature and the mountains. In our hostel we try to be aware of ecology and not to harm the environment.
We have a lot of material to provide you with information on walks, ranging from an easy hike to the more difficult and challenging trekking. We can also advise you on excursions and transport in the area.
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3   Hostel service good but not for a long stay Beds are comfortable not too soft nor too rigid, silence is required from 00:00 to 08:00 AM so it allows for you to get good sleep. Bathrooms are downstairs so if your room is upstairs you have to go all the way down every time you need to use them. Stairs are exposed so everyone sees when you shower or carry your dirty laundry or whatever. Bathrooms are divided in men's and women's, there are two showers, two sinks and two WC in each. So far it has been enough as I had never had to wait to shower or use the WC, they can get smelly sometimes and careless people get the floor wet when they shower, you also have to keep an eye on your belongings in the bathroom and common areas as they might get stolen. Rooms have four comfortable beds and individual lights, the dorms are mixed male and female. The have a lot of hooks to hang your clothes on and sometimes shelves.There are no plugs in the room to charge your batteries you need to leave your device in the lounge area upstairs that can get quite crowded specially in rainy days. Walls are thin and when there is people talking in common areas it's hard to sleep. The kitchen is well equipped, with about 8 burners, a microwave oven and a fridge you can use, trash is classified and recycled so there is less impact on the environment. There is WIFI that works ok but the internet speed in El Chaltén is slow, so don't plan for any remote work. Some guests were able to use Skype. There is a sink for you to do your own laundry with your own soap, and several ropes to hang it outside, pins are provided. If you need more clothes washed they have a laundry service for up to 7kg of clothes for a cost of, at this moment, 25 pesos. There is a dinning area that gets a little crowded in the evenings, and a lounge upstairs with seat for 4 people. There are books and guides to borrow and a TV which a dvd player. Movie selection is only 5 or 6 films, so bring your own. The staff is not carefully selected, there is only one that seems to care about the service and the rest are young girls, some of them in the reception are helpful but some can even be bitchy and not willing to reply your questions. The lack of a nearby bathroom is a make or brake thing for me, discouraging for a long stay.  , Argentina ()
3   Average (but probably good by El Chalten standards) Well-cleaned hostel. Individual reading lights for each bunk. Lockers available for a refundable deposit. Inconvenient requirement to charge iPods/batteries in a cupboard that has some plugs. Would be nice if they got some Wi-Fi but the same criticism could probably be leveled at every hostel in the town. Staff a real mixed bag -- the dark-haired girls would hardly give me the time of day (and one of them would only play U2 on the stereo for the duration of her shift), but the blonder one was extremely helpful.  , UK ()

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