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Rinas Bed n Breakfast

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Rinas Bed n Breakfast located in Malacca the historical city of Malaysia Truly Asia.Our rates are the cheapest in town as cheap as US3.00/perperson on a quad sharing basis.Do check out our website at http://rinasbednbreakfast.tripod.com for more details ,pics and links to Malaysian tourist websites.

Facilities available include internet-cafe,soccer-table,free movies (VCD).
We have a 24-hour food court that serves all kinds of asian food.There is a 7-11 nearby to cater all your needs.If you are feel like getting a hamburger at night ,just go downstairs and you will find a burger stall nearby.(from 7pm onwards only).Best way to travel to the historical places in town is by bicycle.
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5   Very good, very honest The place is clean, relatively cheap as well. The innkeeper who happens to be the mom of the owner was very helpful, though the owner is away most of the time. The decor especially the Historical Wall was very impressive. The owner even refunded my money since i had to cut short my stay by one day. The eatery is cheap. Nearby twenty-four-hour food court are selling Nasi Lemak at RM2.60. In the morning you get get your breakfast at the nearby stall easily. At midnight you can even buy a hamburger downstairs.  , Singapore ()
3  Superb Place, I would suggest everyone to visit this place.  , Usa ()
5  This bed and breakfast has nice decor and it's a cool place. It's cheap, clean, and convenient, and has a friendly innkeeper. I loved the exhibition on World War II done by the innkeeper.  ()
5  This place is relatively cheap, plus it's clean as well. I guess it's the cheapest in town. The location is ideal, with a 7-11 (convenience store) nearby, a cyber cafe, a 24-hour eatery, banks, and a bus-stop straight to the central bus station.  ()

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