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Hotel Durante

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5  thanks hotel durante. you made my night.  , canada ()
1  I'm going to start by stating that the staff at the hotel is really nice and I'm sure that they're trying to do their best to keep the hotel running. Also, the location of the hotel is very good and close to the attractions in Milan. With that said, I really had a bad stay at the hotel. The bed's are old, and cotlike. Even putting a plywood board would have been an improvement to the cot like spring that supported the mattress. The room that I stayed was used by smokers, and even though that the walls and the tile floors should not take smoke smell, it does permeate through the paper wall and the mattress. If you're a not smoker with asthma, like me, I would not recommend to stay in this hotel. Right now I'm still coughing and sneezing from my stay there. However, on the positive, the shower and bathroom were in working order, it had a nice terrace to the interior garden and there was a TV in the room.  ()
2  Two stars is being generous. The worst night sleep of my life! The shower leaked, the rooms were really hot, and the staff didn't speak english or italian. The directions to the hostel were really confusing too. I have been to many hostels and this was the worst.  ()
3  Good enough. Too expensive for what it has to offer. They tried to pass my credit card but couldn't get a connection, so I had to pay cash. I didn't really appreciate that -- they should have tried harder. Other than that, good enough location and neighborhood. Friendly staff. Good room. Weirdest bathroom ever.  ()
4  le ca un hôtel des pas un de ces de été versent les tres corrects de était de le personnel de ces de jours de quelques de rester de P.R. de mais de semaaines de deux de rester le était qu'agréable de chambre de La bien l'entretenue.  ()
3  Not bad, it did the job. People were nice. I stayed in midsummer. The room was VERY hot and not much chance of airflow. The double bed was two singles pushed together! Apart from that, it was clean and nice enough!  ()
5  The room was clean and quiet, but the couple next door were not quiet. We stayed in Room No.3, facing the square.  ()
5  The room is quiet and clean. Staff are friendly. We were in room n4 with a huge balcony.  ()

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