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Elizabeth Hostel

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1   THIEVING OPERATORS!!! Stay away from these thieving scum!!!  , age 23, ozzy ()
1   Terrible please stay away, it is safer sleeping in the street, this place is full of junkies bums drunks, this is not a backpacker hostel, its a homeless shelter, australia has strict rules for hotels bars and businesses yet this place has no rules, people are openly smoking, doing drugs, and f***ing around. i cant believe this place has not been shut down.  , irish ()
3   The longtimers destroyed it Stayed here for a few days. I can see what everyone else is saying about how sh*tty this hostel is, but what i can see, the hostel (before) didn't look so bad. it once looked like a decent hostel at one point. there are a lot of old tucking loser sh*t for brained log timers who seem to have mental issues. they spend most of their days drinking getting drunk as f*** and sharing their long time "wisdom" to other people. there are punch holes un the walls, tv room smells like old liquor, and well, basically the whole place looks very abused by the longtermers. i was told by a backpacker that this place was much worse a few months ago with people smoking crack in the TV room and apparently this place had a resident heroin and meth dealer. i guess the owners got sick of it and kicked them out but there are still a few that kick around. In my experience, the staff were quite friendly to me but only a few speak English. and yes, there is a $10 cutlery hire and $30 key deposit. Oh and as i was writing this, the stupid tucking embarrassment longtermers were smoking in the kitchen, and one of the staff walked by and said nothing. Like what the f***?  , New Zealand ()
1   Sick up the wall Prob the worst hostel I have stayed in. The room was smelly, I don't think the carpet had been hoovered in a bout a year and there was vomit up the wall. This place should be closed down for health & safety reasons. One star is being too kind!  , England ()
1   Like a homeless shelter Honestly if you're thinking about staying here dont every thing is dirty and there are some of the weirdest people around there that i have ever met in my life including the owners who were very unfriendly. I would rather take my chances on the street than stay in this sh*thole ever again.  , NZ ()
2   cheap hostel with nothing included Elizabeth backpack. located in central Melbourne. Close to the Victoria market and trams just outside the door. pritty quite hostel. Availability of parking none.. Dorm rooms and privates availeble fridge and lockers in 4 bed mixed shares. 220dollar deposit for room key. Smelly rooms. Kitchen with hardly any pots and silver (you need to have your own spoon and plate or lend for 20dollar deposit, tv room, computers with internet for rent. Not a pritty social hostel, you lucky if you find a friendly backpacker. Central lokated and nere to tthe party hotels, but a little bit to quiet. Note a hostel I would recommend if your not on a extrem tight budjet. Smelly and they dont clean very well. and theres no equipment in the kitchen! But its cheap!  , Sweden ()
1   Bleak Stayed Jan. '08, no atmosphere, god awful service, unhelpful staff, and boxlike rooms with questionable hygiene. Only has a fridge and microwave in kitchen. Don't go there.  , Australian ()
1  Do you want to experience the claustrophobic, smelly conditions of prison? How about an obnoxious manager that mumbles through the check-in process? Wish I had found out about this website before my arrival in Australia! Anyway, the rest of you have been warned!  , New Zealand ()

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