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HI - Niagara Falls Hostel

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1   What a dump! Claims to be fully air conditioned. I was there in August, & NO AC! Just a wobbly ceiling fan w. exposed wiring that buzzed. Room smelled strongly of mildew from bathroom down the hall. Mattresses stuffed with used plumbing parts. Lousy security, unsafe neighborhood. The first thing management said was "Don't walk down Ferry Street!" It's ON Ferry Street! I didn't even stay one night, just long enough to charge my phone & hightailed it outta there!!!!!  , UNITED STATES ()
5   Great Place to stay Relaxing place to be, with the best staff i ever met. people really friendly run the hostel, amazing and clean kitchen and bathrooms. i recommend the place and i would be back soon.  , Canada ()
1   This hostel was very depressing. This hostel was really grim. We could not believe that this hostel was affiliated with HI. The outside picture is an illusion because when you step inside it is the pits. It is dirty and smelly and nothing works properly, especially the bathroom plumbing. The dorms all have doors that do not lock, and there are no lockers for your things. The beds are absolutely awful -- the boards on which the mattresses lay are about a foot narrower than the mattresses themselves, so you spend the whole night worrying about falling out of bed. Top bunks are a complete health hazard. Everything creaks in this house, and you will almost certainly be bullied into ordering Chinese food by the landlady, who will insist that, upon arrival of the food, you must tip the delivery man very well. Your stay here will be dominated by her insisting you do everything her way. Niagara itself is a complete dump, and reeks of a town that has long since seen its best days. The hostel is in a residential area, but all the houses in the area are boarded up, despite some of them still being lived in. We have never ever been so petrified as we walked to the hostel here. We had such a miserable night here that we ditched our plans to stay longer, and got up at 4 a.m. so we could catch the first bus out of town. Our advice is this -- see Niagara Falls in a day, after all the falls themselves are stunning, but do not stick around to see anything else, it is an extremely depressing place.  , United Kingdom ()
4   Average Hostel -- Great Guy I stayed at this hostel for two days in August and had a good stay. The hostel isn't exactly the cleanest, but the guy who ran it as I was there was fab. Since the phone did not work he let me use his cell phone! The Falls are in walking distance and are a must do, but the city Niagara itself is a pit. Nothing to do and then the habitants say that it's not a safe place. If you ask me, a longer stay is a waste of time, but for a quick visit to the Falls I would recommend this hostel.  , Germany ()
5   Nice lady! We have the most wonderful time in this hostel in Niagara. The lady who runs this hostel is so friendly and helpful, she is great! The first evening when we arrived very late and we were very tired and hungry, she made us a great meal. And in the morning she made eggs and toast for us, which was really great! She also helped us with ordering some food and with the transfer to the station. The rooms are maybe old fashioned, the house is old and it's not like a modern hostel with elevators and things like that. But it's a very friendly relaxed place and when we ever go back to Niagara we'll definitely stay in this hostel again!  , The Netherlands ()
1  Mine was a negative experience in every way! This old house that calls itself a hostel is really old that the floors creak all the times, so good luck trying to sleep. The room was so smelly, dirty, poorly lit, and very narrow that being in a room by myself made me wonder how anyone could share such tight shoe-box size rooms. The kitchen was dirty and had hardly any ventilation. The lady that runs it is really odd although friendly. However, she is happy to charge you for absolutely everything, even towels (if you care to use them in a place where the hygiene is so questionable). Frankly, had I been not too tired to drive any more that day, I would have done the half-hour drive to Buffalo to a better hostel. On the positive side -- the parking was free. Will have to be absolutely desperate to even consider returning there -- not that the neighborhood is safe, pretty, easy to find, or anything (just to add insult to injury). Thank goodness I only had to stay there one night.  ()
4  This was a really nice hostel — very clean and in a nice old house. The owner was friendly and helpful, and the hostel also organized lifts to the station, which was important to us. You can also get tasty hot breakfast (scrambled eggs and toast) for $1. I'd really recommend it — it was one of the nicest hostels I'd stayed in and had good kitchens. I'd wondered why it had been called dangerous though, as it was in a really nice residential district. At night the streets around it are not streetlit and are pitch black. I really wouldn't have wanted to be coming back to this hostel at night alone.  ()
2  It was quite a distance to reach Niagara Falls from this hostel, and it wasn't in a very nice area. In fact, it was extremely scary at night and even during the day. I would stay on the Canadian side; the US side is a big dump.  ()

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