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Simplon Youth Hostel

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4   Good value i have stayed in simplon hostel a number of times and i always find the staff helpful, the facilities are good and it is kept clean which is very important. The rates are also fair.  , Irish (Ireland) ()
4  Well as you can see, I'm Dutch. But anyway, I stayed here one night as well. We were with a lot of people and we were going out that night. Normally a youth hostel is closed after 3 o'clock, but this hostel was open the whole night. So we all could go in and go out whenever we want to. That was great and it was no problem at all. The staff is very friendly, it is clean and inexpensive. I recommend it. Maybe when I'm going to Groningen again, I'll stay there!  ()
4  During a folk singers' meeting I stayed there for several days. It is very clean and inexpensive, the staff is very friendly and helpful, and the abundant breakfast I appreciated very much. It was not very loud in the nights. I am afraid that I fought back unconsciously by snoring heavily as I was told in the morning. All things considered I can highly recommend it.  ()
3  Good: clean, hot showers that work, lockers (10E) refundable. Bad: 1 to 3hr lockout for cleaning 12-3? people at front desk disorganized. they overbooked my bed, and put the stuff i left there in the lost & found. the person that was double booked on my bed tried to climb into the bed while was still in it!  ()
4  I stayed here for one night only, and it's a very good hostel. Staff are friendly, the town centre is really nearby, breakfast is okay, showers are good and the rooms are clean and the decoration is really nice. The only bad thing I can say about this hostel is that it was a bit loud when a group of students arrived in the middle of the night.  ()
5  Brill place to stop. Staff are friendly. Two minutes from town centre.  ()

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