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Red Roofs Hotel

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3   Great mostly empty, would be a nightmare full For three rooms -- one with six beds, one with eight, and one with ten (or maybe it was twelve or fourteen -- it was large) there is a total of one men's bathroom/shower and one women's bathroom. They are connected so you cannot use a toilet while someone else showers. The rooms are also all connected so in order to get to my room (the six-bed) I had to have two keys -- one to the huge room and then a second to mine. I was the only one staying in this room the first night, and the large room had a group of less than six. It was still unpleasant waiting for the restroom and I cannot imagine what it would have been like full! The second night I was moved to the eight-bedded room and there were two other women there with me. This time I needed only one key but the room was also connected to the six-person room, which now housed one male. This was fine, just confusing and it wouldn't have felt safe if both rooms had been full. Overall, the hostel has a great location and was fairly clean. Wouldn't stay here again though -- just in case it was any busier, the bathroom situation would be miserable!  , USA ()

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