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Zombie Cucumber

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Notes & Commentaires
5   Superdooper! This place is simply amazing -- clean, comfortable, and friendly. Sabrina's food is absolutely delicious! Nice atmosphere, great people, lovely setting, what else do you want?! You can approach Sabrina or Dennis to schedule your dives with Odyssea, which is also excellent. Just go and try it, I can't think of a better place to stay in Vilanculo!  , Belgium ()
5   Great The name is a bit odd, but the place is great. We stayed for three nights and were very happy with our stay. It is right off the beach and not too far from the bus depot. The staff were great as well. The owners were a British couple who seemed a bit distant, but were friendly when approached and could answer all our questions with ease, they also seemed to know everyone in town. They had nice rooms, a well put-together camp with a swimming pool, a bar, and restaurant that became the social meeting stop at night. If I ever come back, I would stay there again.  , USA ()
1  After spending three pleasant weeks in Mozambique with very nice people everywhere that we went it was very disappointing to come across such a hostile environment. The setting is absolutely lovely but the manager and bar staff were exceptionally rude and charged us twice. There was no way to prevent this as the first time we paid, they did not give us a receipt and so when they demanded that we pay a second time we had no proof that we had already paid. Stay away from zombie cucumber, there are two other beautiful backpackers in Vilanculos!  ()
5  I spent Christmas in 2004 here and it was fantastic. we were treated amazingly and the food was incredible. i had the best time! the beach is fantastic and the people are all lovely! it's a must -- just try it!  ()
5  You will enjoy it. Just go!!!  ()
5  This place has the best food, best accommodation, and the best company in Mozambique! I made friends for life, and stayed for two weeks instead of two days as planned!  ()
5  This is the best backpackers I have stayed in!! There's a great couple running the place, it's very friendly, has amazing food, and was exceptionally clean. This place has everything you might need — plus Molly!!!  ()
5  Fantastic place. It was exceptionally clean, welcoming, and had first-rate food--huge meals at reasonable rates. We loved it and will be back one day.  ()

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