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891 Amsterdam Avenue, Manhattan - Upper West Side, New York (NYC), New York, États-Unis
40.798461, -73.967085
idean@hinewyork.org, Reserve.NewYork@hiusa.org, iman.dean@hiusa.org, Sales.NewYork@hiusa.org, reserve.newyork@hiusa.org, gm.newyork@hiusa.org
212-932-2300 EXT 155
+1 (212) 932-2574
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Great time!
I had an awesome time here at this hostel. The staff was nice and they do a good job setting up tours. The tours is where I met a lot of people that I would later spend time with on our own. Jerry's tour is definitely the best tour of NYC for the price. I feel like I should've been paying x5 the price we paid! Definitely recommend!
Age 26, USA
I had a great time there. The people were very friendly and the hostel is super clean!!! Highly recommended.
Age 27
Pretty Rad
I have never had such a great experience at a hostel. There are so many opportunities to meet people from all over the world with the common interest of traveling. The people I met at the hostel became such great friends and makes me want to come back and stay here in the future. The facilities are great and the tours are a brilliant way of getting out and about, exploring New York.
Kiri Thompson
Age 19, Australia
Price was right and place was clean
Very efficient check in with the front desk staff. I was concerned as I might me a little older than the average guest but there was a great mix of ages. Staff was constantly cleaning up and very courteous. The place is huge and very busy but the staff still took the time to answer questions and give assistance without ever letting on that they were extremely busy. all and all a very pleasant visit. If I had to list any negatives it would be the slow elevators but once I learned the layout of the place and found the stairs no problem. Thanks HI-New York for making my visit very enjoyable.
Age 46, American
Perfect for young people
I stayed in December for one night with 6 other friends. we were in a 10 bed dorm and, against my expectations, that was really not weird at all. not all of the beds were taken and everybody was respectful not to wake each other up. good location, close to subway station. beds and bathrooms are good. perfect for meeting other travelers. cheap breakfast available. They offer a diversity of activities you can join all day long! The receptionist could have been nicer ... but we checked in in the middle of the night, so I could understand her. All in all, great hostel for young people!
I have traveled to many HI around the world and found this hostel to be very unfriendly. I think being the "biggest" hostel leaves a lot of room for hostelers to go unnoticed and customer service something to be desired. In my 6 day experience, I found that hostel staff who were clearly "well-traveled" to be the most helpful and courteous while other employees seemed put off by my questions and made me feel as if I was "bothering" them. But those employees with attitudes outnumber those who care about what hostelling international is trying to promote. I also felt that the hostel had a lot of children/teen groups staying there which was a bit annoying because those groups overran the kitchen/common areas. Last but not least, the hostel had me check-out of my dorm halfway through my stay because they could not secure the same bed in the same room for 6 nights even though I had a confirmed reservation. I found this to be very inconsiderate because I had to pack all my belongings and check out for a day while the hostel assigned me a new bed. I understand that the hostel is the cheapest way to stay in New York, but just because there are few options for budget travelers like myself doesn't mean I have to recommend them. It is what it is.
Amy M.
By NY standards, ok.
This is a giant hostel; the crowds are HUGE (and it was packed the weekend that I was there, late October 2010.) The location is fine. It's a bit of a ride on the subway, but I was a bit lost, and I still found it. NY is on a grid, so it's difficult to get too lost. You're not going to spend too much time in this area, anyway (unless you want to see the diner where Jerry & friends hung out in "Seinfeld"), and Times Square is just a short hop on the subway. I stayed in a 12 bed dorm. The ambient noise from outside wasn't a problem, but I did get a bit unlucky with the people in the room. One fellow was going to class every morning at 8 am, and spent the hours between 7 and 8 pressing his clothes and doing various other annoying things that should have been done outside of the sleeping room. Other tried to hijack my bed, and got grumpy when I pointed out that I had a reservation for that particular bed. The point is, in a room that big, you risk running into people who can't play with the other kids. There is only one elevator for the entire building, and it's slow. Beyond that, the cleaning crew bogarts it during the middle of the day. Did I mention that Humphrey Bogard was born in this neighborhood? There are large common areas with a nice cafe, as well as rentable computers for internet and free wi-fi. Unfortunately, there are a minimal number of electrical outlets in the common areas and sleeping rooms. The security was good; you have to go through the lobby to get in, and then swipe your card. You're not going to get a classic hostel experience in NYC.
Go Somewhere Else if you can afford it.
This place is a low quality hostel -- not Poor, but close to poor. They do not hold your reservations, they Overbook, and then force you to take whatever room is available, more expensive or not. they did not even acknowledge my reservation when i showed them. wifi is in a small section of one area and is very difficult to access. rooms are poor. lockers are a good size.

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