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Times Square Dream Hostel

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Notes & Commentaires
3   Good location, comfortable The location is definitely the best advantage, many restaurants along the street (9th avenue). The laundry machines were out of service, the apartment is on the 3rd floor without elevator. Comfy bed anyway.  , France ()
3   For the week of June 27, 2010 The pictures are an O.K. representation of the place. It is clean walk-up "railroad" apartment in Hell's Kitchen. No printer available. The washer dryer was out of service. No security other than lock and key. No 24 hour on-site hostel manager.No security lockers in the bedroom, that I saw. If you are a single female, know that mixed dorm means you may be sharing a bunk bed with a male stranger. I didn't see a Certificate of Authority to collect occupancy tax from NYC posted. That and insistence on cash makes me wonder whether this a legit business???  , US ()
5  We had the most wonderful stay at Times Square Bed and Rooms! We were a little dubious from the outset, as when we rolled up to the front door it looked a little unsavoury, however as soon as we buzzed in and Sam (owner) came down to meet us, we were immediately put at ease. The hospitality was just great, both Sam and Hiroshi were so friendly and helpful, it really made our stay in New York all that much better for their help. We had a private room for three people, which was small, but fit all of us and our gear (no mean feat) in adequately. Everything was impeccable, including the bathroom and kitchenette. There is a bar downstairs which does get quite noisy, particularly over the weekend, but ear plugs are supplied free of charge. Every day we were so exhausted from all the stuff we were running around looking at, that we pretty much collapsed anyway. It's located so conveniently to everything too -- the subway, Times Square, and also walking distance to lots of the big shops. We found it a great starting point for all of our New York touristy stuff. To be honest, we actually had a fantastic time hanging out with the other people staying in the hostel too, as well as Sam. It was an excellent way to meet cool new people. We're planning on going back next year, and hope to stay at Times Square Bed and Rooms again!  , New Zealand ()
5  Nov. 06. Sam and Hiroshi the owners/keepers are awesome. They keep the place clean and organized on a daily basis. The free internet is awesome, I travel with my laptop and they have Wireless or Cable connection plus an available computer. Either way is pretty good, specially when all you want is to know the weather or some directions. There is constant traffic in and out of the place at all times, but the noise level is kept down by people not only being quiet, but the wonderful brick construction helps keep noise down as well. The entrance is pretty elusive, and the facade scary at first, but once you know the system and how to get in and out everything is fine. The scariest part is the stairs you have to climb to go in and out of the place. The beds are brand new and made of hard steel, which does not squeak in the least bit and the mattresses on the beds are quite comfortable, and for the little amount of sleep you will be doing believe me they are quite enough. The subway entrance is conveniently on the far corner of the same block. The people that go there are friendly, educated, and respectful. They have some beautiful girls passing through there. Overall I would say, away from my home, this is my home in NY.  ()
5  Don't be freaked out by the entrance -- once you get inside, it is a very clean, cozy, and sweet hostel run by two very great and helpful guys. There is a wonderful common area where people meet to hang out, surf the Internet (free of charge!), and drink if they want to. This is an excellent location, a block from the theater district and on the corner of Ninth Avenue, famous for its long row of ethnic restaurants. I definitely recommend this place for singles, students, and young people on a budget. There are no bugs, no rodents, no crazy insects. This place is clean and very safe!  ()
5  I stayed here in September 2006 for three days and I had a really good time. Sam and Hiroshi are really nice guys and gave always good tips what to do in the city. This hostel is not a palace and has a shady neighbourhood, but it is clean and the people there are really great. Free internet, clean shower and restroom, free lock and locker, free tea, and useage of the fridge are nice goodies, too. There is a bar downstairs, but the bar is good and you can get free earplugs from Sam and Hiroshi. Payment with credit card is not possible. Payment on arrival. Good place with reasonable prices near times square. Go for it!  ()
5  My first trip to NYC was made better by having stayed here! The place was clean, safe, comfortable, and in a great location. Sam and Hiroshi were super friendly and very helpful. As for the bar downstairs -- go on down, its a great place too!  ()
5  Stayed here in August of 2005, never got to comment on it. Location is fantastic! Two blocks from Times Square, midtown Manhattan, makes it close to everything. It's New York and convience is automatic. Diner on the corner, bar beneath, pizza stand a block away, laundry place just across from the diner, convience store on same block as diner. Everything you need is right there. Cleanliness -- Sam and Hiroshi do an excellent job of keeping the place clean! Separate bathrooms and showers for men and women. No roaches, rats or mice, all of which are pretty common in NYC. Safety -- neighborhood is generally safe, some weird people can be out and about, homeless shelter a block away, bus terminal across the street. But overall, I never felt unsafe. People are weird, not so threatening. Lots of police because of the bus terminal across the street. Door to hostel from street is a keypad if I remember right. Then up some stairs and regular key entry to hostel. I would say that this hostel is fun if you like smaller hostels where you can get to know everyone that is staying there and go do stuff with them. It isn't so fun if your idea of fun is a large hostel that has its own bar or disco, but who the hell wants that when they are in NYC and there are plenty of clubs and bars that are so much better! Amenities -- free internet, very nice. Kitchen is really limited -- a microwave, a sink, and a fridge basically. Bathrooms are double shower, and yes, showers are kinda claustrophobic, but you get used to it. I gave it five stars because of the staff, the location, and the cleaniness and the comfortability of it. It's small, so it's like being at home or camp or something. All I wanted when I went to NYC was a nice, clean place that didn't have roach or rodent problems, what I got was a lot more. I will definitely stay here again the next time I am in NYC.  ()

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